BMPD: Pre-Disaster Anomalous Materials


Try removing trigger_autosave from the maps.


Double-checked and I have indeed done that; however the game also autosaves on its own when the player goes through a level transition.


Okay another door bug, but this one is a weird one even for me.
And is likely part of the pre-existing bug you explained earlier, however, its possible to majorly bug out the double vault doors before the main chamber door by going near them during the 2 scientist speaches… the result is them constantly going up and down, and it does actually make exiting and entering the test chamber a lot harder than normal.

these particular doors.


In pd_c1a0a, in the lab right before the area 3 checkpoint, on the wall where you find the “TYPES OF MASS SPECTROMETRY” poster:



setpos -1015.693787 2893.920898 384.031250;setang -2.177996 -133.971146 0.000000


I should have said yes a long time ago, but yeah I would like to see one, along with a Pre-Disaster Scripting tutorial (There’s not that many good, indepth scripted_sequence tutorials in general, but that’s a different issue). It’s the only really important thing I still have to do, (other than lighting, I’m fearing that), so I put the whole thing on hold. School right now is just driving me into the ground, sucking up most of my free time.


Looks great, here are few minor things I have found:

The flashlight somehow does not work, not even sound is played if switched.
Not sure if it is intensional, but crystal disappeared after AMS test.
When walking near “Laser Caution” the lighting gets noticeably darker (not sure if HDR)

The green line is not aligned with other behind corner

Any FOV lower than 90 will crop these document screen overlays.

I haven’t looked in orig. BM map, but here the locker doors have different color tint compared to adjacent wall.

Going to sector B corridor disconnects from map.

Not sure if these ones can be fixed easily, hope it helped to hunt some of the bugs.