BMPD: Pre-Disaster Apprehension


The storeroom door is fine, as there are other closed off rooms with the same door seen through bm_c2a3b

The elevator, I agree does need some additional detail. I want redo the brushwork and get a button setup, as I really have no clue how I made it so janky, so when I do that the trim will go in as well.

I really liked how the ceiling beams are. It’s basically a trim around the walls, with one or two beams going across.

If anyone has an idea what to put in the last racks, please let me know. I just don’t want it to be repetitive.


Pallets of bottled water.


Excellent idea.
also backstock for the multitude of vending machines, sodas, chips, candy bars
Emergency supplies, flashlight batteries, mylar thermal blankets, NOAA weather radios, dehydrated water packets, espresso bars
Satirical items, #10 cans of Pizza Sauce, and unfolded pizza boxes, 50 lb bags of Purina Vort Chow, pallets of photo/picture albums
bulk coffee and powdered creamer, 5 gallon buckets of partially defatted chicken fat
Office supplies, calculators, reams of xerox paper, toner, pens, pencils, dry erase markers, pocket protectors, staplers, recycling containers, mouse pads


In all seriousness if you can stick a tranquilizer crossbow and/or some ammo in an open ammo crate I think that would make a good addition, or possibly take a shark cage and lay it on its side between two pallets.


They seem to go through a lot of microwave ovens, a couple pallets of those wouldn’t hurt.


MEDIA - MAP A: Sector E Storage and Xenotherus Icthycanthus Laboratory


Nope, nevermind, I’m just dumb.
(I didn’t make the thumbnail correctly)

Any non-game-breaking problems won’t be fixed until map B is released.


Looking good; I can’t give in-depth commentary right now due to my computer still being stuck in what I’ve termed ‘headache mode’, but while I wasn’t initially sold on the whole ‘rennovation’ idea for the beginning of Apprehension it’s really coming together.


Finally got ahold of a backup computer while my main one is on its way back to the manufacturer, so here’s some comments:

I’m pretty sure there was originally a fence or some other kind of grating over this power box; if not I’d classify that as a map bug where the original BM devs thought it would not be visible because there really should be.

Levitating props on the computer console.

Something must be done about the trams, as they move very slowly in reverse.

It would actually be very nice to be able to get down here into the maintenance area.

Odd that there is still rubble floating in the containment pool now that the catwalk is intact. I’d suggest moving this stuff onto one of the wide sections of the catwalk.

A lot of these office-style doors can open, but won’t close. This is a known bug where the doors won’t close if there is a solid brush inside the collision geometry; you can set the glass to ‘not solid’ to get it to work

I would suggest flipping this container around so that the open part is ontop; like a trailer container.

This ladder could use some supports on the bottom half where it just hangs. Alternatively, perhaps just terminate the ladder model at the bottom of the tube and extend the logical func_ladder- I find it helps mobility in pre-disaster maps to assume that Freeman can grab ladders or ledges at eye-height and lift himself up.

Not sure why this door is inoperable or why there’s this black brush on the other side.

The movement sounds for this door don’t sound ‘heavy’ enough.

Similarly, I think the shiny elevator doors look a little out of place here and would probably be better with the ‘grungy’ texture.

Managed to get into the shark cage and was unable to extricate myself. I would suggest sticking an Office Complex fridge-style lever on this plate (it actually appears to be a warning sign) that causes the cage to be pulled back up to the crane so that the player can climb out; either that or just put a slanted physics brush on the cage so that the player cannot get in by jumping and will always slide off.

It is impossible for either the player or the Black Mesa staff to get to these lower-level balconies on the non-bridge side of the wall. For the middle one I figure you could put some kind of elevator behind that garage door, but for the bottom one I’m not really sure what to do with it other than maybe making it possible for the player to get from the ladder directly to them or alternatively making the big metal partition a door that moves up and down so that the balcony in question can be accessed from the other side.

Similarly, the player can climb up out of the far side of the pit using this ladder but there’s not really anywhere to go.

The second balcony from the top is also inaccessible.

This back area is a little bland, in particular the textures in the stairwells. Maybe add some vents in the ceiling here? And possibly make the concrete textures on the stairs slanted to match.