BMPD: Pre-Disaster Office Complex


Looks fantastic.

However, I’m wondering about a few things…

  1. Why there’s elevator in both central and south parts of the map, but none in the north (the latest) one?
  2. If you add double doors with security checkpoints to the south area, it should be on both sides
  3. What’s the story behind the third (north, or latest) part of the map? what is it, what are your thoughts Admiral?


To try to answer all three of these questions together:

I always thought of Office Complex as having two elevators- one on the East, and one on the West. In B Map, they correspond very nicely with the ‘antiroom’ areas in front of each staircase, but if we are imagining the floor as under a security lockdown in and of itself that presents a problem- there’s a double-door security checkpoint coming up to this floor from the one below it (or the elevator nearby), but not one from the other direction. Someone can come down from the cafeteria stairwell or take the far elevator and just walk right in. Therefore, I sort of thought that what we are looking at is a series of checkpoints designed to monitor and control the flow of personnel through Admin 1- you can get to any one section without necessarily passing through a checkpoint, but to go from the basement to the cafeteria you have to hit at least one. Therefore, since the south offices offer another path through the floor they have one and only one checkpoint.

The northern section, since by nature it has only one entrance, is my guess at a truly high-security section of offices- no elevator access allowed there, and to get in without Gordon’s all-access backstage pass you would need to be allowed into the security-office corridor by the guy in the open area with the couches, then let through the doors proper by the guard in the separate, currently closed-blinds office.


Hmm, makes sense, the truly high-security office.


So I finally got a replacement for my old, glitchy monitor, and realized there were a lot of issues with the brightness and color balance in Office Complex. Much tweaking later, I’ve realized that much like with the ceilings there are a few issues with the walls. In the dark it looks like the upper halves would be a light cream or eggshell color:

(Compare the white labcoat and the white stripes on the chair fabric.)

However, when fully lit up we see that the wall is in fact a sort of dark yellowish-tan color:

So I pulled out GIMP once again and decided to try making the top sections of the walls lighter, more like they look when you shine your flashlight on them way up close in the game. I am quite honestly very impressed with the results- I think it looks more like the same surface lit up than the actual same surface does when lit up:


So I think I might have overdone it a bit on the first try and lost a little bit of the cream-colored institutional look I was going for, but the second pass turned out really well. I think it’s an almost perfect match.

This means the lights hopefully won’t have to be so painfully bright any more just to make the place look decently well-lit. This also means that now, the only sections of Office Complex that are actually original any more are the floors, but what cares about that?


This attention to details is the difference between a pro and a hobbyist :slight_smile:

That’s said, looking forward to the next update of the B Map, with the North wing (high-security access offices) :-p


I think that, even though it’ll take a little longer, I’ll be releasing fixes for all three maps at the same time. In between the paler walls and removing the color cast it really does look like night and day.


Well, take your time, then, dear Admiral! :slight_smile:

Also, looking forward to the conversation about connecting Office Complex with the Area 9 hub


Not sure why it would connect to the A9 hub when there’s a large chasm and train line between them, but have some High Security Administration Center for your trouble:


Looks lovely :slight_smile:

Well, it doesn’t have to connect to A9 hub. I recall there was a conversation on this subject, just it. Anyways, location of the tram station for Office Complex is an interesting topic for discussion :wink:


Looks good, but I noticed that the shadows of the room dividers looks super dark (if you consider the overall amount of light in this room), while for example the desks don’t have a shadow at all and look super bright even in the area below the table top/slab.


It’s an issue I’m currently working on. Part of the problem is that the desks are prop_static and when they do have shadows those shadows are super-super dark, while the cube dividers are prop_physics.


Set desks to prop_physics (or prop_physics_override), with motion disabled?
Problem solved.


Is it me or is it just the security guard was the spy all along?


Curse you mod-to-mod interactions!


I have spotted a bug of a missing texture, that I don’t remember seeing before. But you know, it’s not a major bug it can be easily fixed.
Well in any case, Great job on the new update of the maps! Also that Elevator in Map B has a pretty cool mechanic, can’t wait to fully use it!


Wait a minute, this mod is playable?
I thought it was still in development?


ofc it is playable. Admiral Sakai is working on the North part of the B Map of the Office Complex these days, while the rest of us are patiently waiting for the Second Coming :slight_smile:


Wow, man and i’ve been tracking this for a long time.
What and idiot i am.


Just pushed a relatively small update that added some additional scientist behavior, fixed some logical and texture bugs, and made the lighting less yellow.