BMPD: Pre-Disaster Office Complex


Out of curiosity (I’m a software engineer by nature, my favorite tool is Visual Studio, so I can a bit relate to design process) tried out Hammer with BMS maps. Oh man, building things within the BMS maps might be a lot of fun, but precision and attention to details is key. (I know, I know, this sounds obvious). Hat’s off to the hard work.

BTW, how do you guys copy entire parts of the map between maps? E.g., how did you copy the entire Level 3 Dormitories map into Questionable Ethics - Biodome station, @KevinJRattman?


I didn’t. It is possible to copy maps but generally they come with some minor glitches which I do not like to hassle. Instead I just looked at the map file and recreated the area one at a time by hands.

You can always use ctrl+c and ctrl+v (the good old copy-paste) instead byt be aware of texture misalignments and more often than not the stuff you do not want would also follow. Also when you paste you always should use special past not just regular one.

(Also, that screenshot you mentioned is extremely out of date now. I completely reworked the area.)


I have never had problems with copying from one map to another… but only while using the “paste special” tool, and only while both maps are open- don’t copy, close one map, load the other, and paste. I think the copy system is partially pointer based, so you still need to have both maps loaded into memory for it to work properly.


thanks, got it, guys. :slight_smile:

Now that I’ve spent a half of a day playing with mapping, I can see that it’d be quite impolite and crude to force those who do actually create maps to release them faster.

For now, copied tram station from inbound to Questionable Ethics - Biodome Station 1, and connected it (one side) to the tunnel leading to the station; also, restored the rail on the crashed bridge in Blast Pit. :slight_smile: (a big dream for me since late 2014). Now, back to work…

Looking forward to see the real creations you, @Admiral Sakai, you, @ArcHammer, and you, @KevinJRattman plan to release. You guys do art. Thanks so much for that!



So, although I’ve had this sitting around being sort-of-finished for a while now, I’ve finally decided to finish it off and release it on the workshop! (Keep in mind this certainly was not months of work, it’s just that I get terribly distracted or dis-interested sometimes when I’m working on projects).
Now when I say finished, I don’t mean it’s the final version of course. There’s already a few bugfixes I need to do, like a floating sign and a door that doesn’t auto-close. But the map is in a nice playable state and you can now explore c1a1c (first part of Sector B seen in the campaign) in a pre-resonance-cascade state.



Hey, @ArcHammer, warm congratulations!!!

It seems like there’s something wrong with your map. It doesn’t mount properly; running maps * in console doesn’t show it, and using “map pd_c1a1c” led to an error message stating that map is unavailable or is invalid.


Woohoo! Going to have to update the main thread!


Should be fixed. Make sure it has automatically downloaded the workshop update for my map, and try again.


Hmm, I’ve simply used GFScape to unpack your vpk - couldn’t resist the obsession of exploring the Pre-Disaster Anomalous Materials area :wink:

Great job!


(You can actually do that with the vpk.exe stored in bms/bin, you don’t need a third-party program.)


A question I’ve kept asking myself… Why did Black Mesa as an organization decided to make some underground levels so small, and yet it did them at all? Digging underground isn’t an easy job, obviously. Remember that most of the metro/tube systems are rarely built deep underground (except Moscow, I guess); from time to time underground construction is actually made by excavating ditches, building things, and then bringing the soil back.

As we know from the history of Half-Life, Black Mesa was originally a complex for ICBMs, and it was later re-used for R&D operations (including R&D with rocket technology). In ICBM facility, one generally needs to have a place to keep rockets (in 60s, things changed, and rockets kept the propellant right inside themselves, allowing for rapid launches; if Black Mesa has been transformed into a R&D site before end of 60s, then some underground levels could be used to store propellant).

But no matter what, no ICBM/missile launch facility could require as much underground areas as BMRF had.

Which leads to a question: why would someone invest so much into so deep underground levels, to have just a few rooms? :wink:

What if there could be something else at the A level in Office Complex, that was simply hidden from the user?

This also applies to the Cafeteria level…


I dunno, I always thought that Black Mesa was a series of actually very large underground areas (possibly missile silos, or entire groups of them) tunneled out as volumes, then filled in with structural elements- i.e, Office Complex is in fact a giant cube or cylinder hollowed out of the bedrock, then the “small rooms” we see are just what wasn’t filled in with concrete, cinderbock, or maintenance areas.


Ok, so the bad news is, I’ve been over and over all three maps, and I’m just becoming incredibly frustrated with trying to light them. Working on Office Complex is just no longer fun for me, and so I’ll be taking an indefinite hiatus from OCPD.

The good news is, Questionable Ethics.


I’ve recently been enjoying the several pre-disaster maps, and wanted to say I’m glad I found this project. I always thought it would be neat to explore the facility in its normal state since playing the mod version, and you’ve all done a tremendous job of realizing that thus far! :slight_smile:

QE is one of my favorite areas in the base game so it’s great to see it getting a facelift too. If I may ask @Admiral Sakai, are you planning on opening the closed-off A and C labs as well, or is that not in the cards for now?



Not sure exactly when I’m going to get to it, but every room in the biodome map will eventually be made accessible.


Can’t wait to explore this after school!


Will you make the elevators work in the future? Aside from that Great Job on that map, I enjoyed exploring it. :thumbup:


As the elevators are part of Lab C, they will be added along with that area.


I like it this mod very. Nice going… :thumbup: Keep it up guys :thumbup: :thumbup:


Office Complex PD has always had kind of a troubled development process. It was my first serious attempt at mapping, and as a result some very early bad decisions regarding the lighting and level design kind of got rolled up into it- superbright and weirdly-colored lights, off-grid areas, that sort of thing. That’s why when I moved computers, I decided to scrap a lot of the original design and just start over. I’ve learned a lot from working on Questionable Ethics that I’m putting to good use here, but… the new version of Office Complex is still having kind of a troubled development process. I’ve been having some stability issues on the new computer, and while I’m not in danger of losing any of the Questionable Ethics maps because those are backed up on Steam, it’s still very frustrating to do a lot of work and then have it not be there in an hour- it also results in my having to basically do the same sections of the maps over and over again, which is very creatively draining. Furthermore, an issue that actually followed me from my old computer was that my monitor was actually displaying things as extremely blue- this was probably why so many people were complaining about the lighting being white when to me it looked normal or even oversaturated.

However, after all of the trials and tribulations of this chapter’s production… it’s finally coming back. I’ve managed to recalibrate my monitor to knock down the blue somewhat (although if the color balance in the maps is off do feel free to tell me), and to change up the monotony a little bit I’ve decided to start from the last map (pd_c1a2c) and work down:

Not gonna lie- I went into this one expecting it to be a chore from start to finish, but now that I’ve actually got areas filled up… I’m pretty damn pumped.