BMPD: Pre-Disaster Office Complex


The images should be fixed; as for making the lights dimmer I am not 100% sure what you mean.

OCPD has three types of lights- pseudoconstants (essentially constant lights with the hard falloff distance set to about 200, although in fact a workaround because hard falloff does not seem to be working right) that provide basic illumination to most areas of the map, upward-facing light_spots to create the brighter halos around the architectural lights since regular lights were giving me all sorts of trouble and making the walls too blue, and downward-facing light_spots that are supposed to be projecting the visible cones of brightness.

I was going to add a green light to the exit sign once the rest of the lighting is nailed down; there is technically one there now but it is very dim and recent changes to the rest of the lighting setup have made it not really very visible.


What brightness level are the regular light entities set to? I usually keep mine at around 5-15 to give off a bit of ambient only and let the upwards and downwards light_spots do the heavy lifting. In some extreme cases I might go all the way down to 2 or just not have the light alongside the light_spots at all.

That said, I haven’t been rooting around in your vmf so I can’t really say for sure what settings or adjustments might be best, nor have I actually opened Hammer for a lighting pass of anything in a few months.

If you haven’t yet, I would definitely experiment with making certain hallways or rooms have different light levels or slight colour adjustments from each other to create beams of light such as can be seen on the floor of photo #3 of your lab.


Part of the problem with the psueudoconstant lights is that the falloff tricks I use for them mess with their brightness in weird ways- a brightness of two to three thousand is roughly equivalent to a regular light at 15. The ones in the hallway are around 4000. I’ve tried making them dimmer, but that makes the walls look really grimy- I may post screenshots later.


As promised, here’s the area at different background lighting levels:





The reason why I’m using upward-facing spotlights on the ceiling instead of just regular circular lights is because the walls and general design of Office Complex look at their best under bright, very faintly yellow light, but the actual colors in the post-disaster map are a relatively saturated blue. The spots allow me to create splashes of that color where I need them without tinting the entire map a color I don’t want.


I think 2000 is the best level, personally. Allows for the most light definition on the walls without blooming out details too much on the calendar.
1000 is also acceptable, in my opinion. Doesn’t look too grimy to my eyes.


I personally prefer 4000, but I’m probably in the minority.


2000 for me personally.


I want 2001.


So on a bit of a whim, I started a fresh restoration of A map and tried keeping the original spotlights and just making them brighter, then centering the pseudoconstants over the actual light models. This became a blinding nightmare, but then I turned the bloom WAAAAAAAAAAAY down and… I’m actually extremely pleased with the results so far:


Well that’s good, because, y’know, I wouldn’t mind having my sector B link into sector D when map A is done :wink:


Really digging this new lighting setup- it’s lively and cheerful, but at the same time drab and institutional, and more to the point I think it just looks natural to me in a sense that every single system I tried before utterly did not. It’s not a super good approximation of my real-life office warrens, but it’s sort of a hybrid of the real version and the original post-disaster Office Complex lighting that I think works extremely well.

My only real concern at the moment is that I can’t get the upward-facing spotlights working quite right, and without them the ceiling is extremely white. I’ll see what the community thinks about whether or not I need them, but I am actually totally willing to proceed without them. The whiter color scheme makes me think of the pre-disaster office areas visible from Black Mesa Inbound, minus of course the incredible levels of bloom:


Ok, so I’m still absolutely in love with the new lighting scheme- the bad news is that after working with it a little on A Map I can no longer bear to look at the old lighting on B and C Maps and had to immediately drop everything I was doing to update them:

The good news is that while there will be a long delay in which nothing of any real note happens, it’s one that we are probably already close to 2/3 of the way through and due to the way I’m working on the enhancements (making a reasonably thorough pass over each map from C to A, then making another pass with fresh eyes to see what I can fix after all of them are ‘done’), at the end of it you will see both of the published maps updating one after the other very quickly (within a few days to a week of each other), followed by another brief pause and the inaugural release of A Map. And it will be glorious, just have patience.


Looking good.

Just wondering if there’s a way for the source engine to “check” that the player has a certain map installed, and if yes, continue the commands.
Would be useful for the end of Sector B part 3, at the lift to Sector D. If the player has your map A installed, then it closed the lift doors and changes level. If not, doors stay open and nothing happens.


A long time ago there was some inquiry about covers for the flourescent lights; turns out that at some point during the recent content updates such a thing was added, it’s just not working- the cover models have two skins, one of which is basically invisible and the other does not light properly:


On the clear model of the light cover if you zoom close and hide and unhide it, you can see a slight grey fuzz effect happening but it very faint


Continuing to love the new lighting paradigm for the actual office areas of the Facility…

… but the more maintenancey, basementy areas are still not looking quite like I’d want them:

I’m still kind of not sure what direction to take this area, honestly, or even exactly what’s wrong with it, but it just looks fake to me. Maybe after I get the rest of the maps renovated something will occur to me…


Well in the maintenance area, the main problem IMO seems to be the light flare from the bulbs.
They look good, but the problem is that they spread above the lamp funnel, making it look “fake”.


All right! Just about done with my first pass through C map. and there are a few things I did that are a little different, so I figured I would brief the community about them:

I tried and tried, but couldn’t get this section of corridor to look good with that big empty dark area in it, so I pulled these lights out of an old visgroup where they were hidden in the canonical map file. Technically this means I’m adding elements to the map that weren’t there before, but this whole section of hallway always looked rough and unfinished to me even though it is fully explorable by the player- I think of it as similar to adding lights and vents to the ceilings of the inaccessible side offices that were just left as blank tile by lazy mappers. Really, though, how many people actually looked at the ceiling when they were making their way through this area?

I left a lot of rooms (most prominently the cafeteria lobby pictured here) with very understated downward-facing spotlights and little to no lighting directed specifically up at or around the lights themselves. It turns out that this is much brighter but otherwise line with the way the rooms are lit in the canonical maps, and also very similar to the way that my IRL office warrens are lit (where there’s brighter areas shining down from the individual lights, but everything else is about even).

I’m still not completely sure if other people are seeing the colors the same way I am with my hand-calibrated monitor, but I was having some trouble with regular white light turning the walls this really yucky greenish tint, so the lights in here are slightly magenta. I think this is mostly in line with the more yellowish-purplish color of actual flourescent office lights, but I want to see if it is bothering other people or conversely if they like it.

In other news, the new cafeteria looks really nice!


I wonder how your take on pre disaster xen will look like :wink:


A few less science personnel dead, and that’s about it :wink:
Nah, actually, it might be cool to be able to walk around it and not be attacked by the Xenian creatures either. We’ll have to wait and see what it all looks like when it’s out!