BMPD: Pre-Disaster Surface Tension


Before map C was released for PD: APP, I was side-tracked with a little bit of surface tension, but with PD: APP essentially done, I’ll now be completely focusing of Surface Tension.

Now, because Surface Tension is the biggest chapter with nine maps total, I’m not claiming all of them (at least for now), so others can also work on the chapter. Conveniently, ST has three “Sections”, which I’ve named ‘The Drains’ (A-C), ‘The Ridge’ (D-F), and ‘The Streets’ (G-I).

Currently I’m working on ‘The Ridge’ (I’m calling it that because there is the same ridge in the skybox for all three maps), but once I’m done I’ll work on one of the other sections of ST, unless someone else has already claimed it. If you want to claim one of the other sections, please tell me first, because otherwise there might be a conflict.