BMS - white squares under every object

Hey guys. I could not find any solution to my problem, so I’ve got to post here. After update of my SDK 2007 I’ve launched BMS and I’ve got something like this:

This squares are on and under every object in the game. Can someone help me, where could be problem? In-game engine, drivers or something else?

Before the SDK update this issue did not exist. Graphic card Radeon 7650M i think.

Those white squares are the hitboxes of the objects. Which means it’s something with the engine itself.

No, they’re not. I’m not sure what exactly causes it, but it’s a texture issue. I think I’ve seen it happen before due to missing textures, but I can’t remember.

Maybe try reinstalling the game, and see if it persists? I’m not sure what else to suggest.

I was not aware that there was a SDK update that could be effecting the free build. I will forward this to our internal tracker and take a look.

After reinstalling the game problem remains.

Also, there are many black-grey squares. These are under every moving object, alien or NPC. During the resonance cascade after every electricity hit on the wall appeared one white square.

I think this is not consistent with the texture issue you are describing because there is no white line permanently going from the bottom left to the top right of the screen.

Check in your GPU control panel for options like “force ambient occlusion on” and make sure they are off, also make sure mat_dxlevel is set to 90 or 95 in game console.

Would love to know if you resolved the issue @MotherPuncher. If so, please do share for others.

My GPU does not have the AO option, so I think there is no that kind graphic feature provided from my GPU

mat_dxlevel is set to 95. didn’t help. going down to something like 70 value just decrease the “amount” of HDR effect of that white lines.

in the beggining of the office episode, there is a hole in the wall, behind of it there is a little metal room with dead guard and some headcrabs. well, in my case its all white, like a lamp, shocking your eyes with a HDR white blast.