Bugs - Items breaking/disappearing at level transitions, floating houndeyes, and others


I’ve got several bugs here to report, and one bit of feedback.

Medkits and other items sometimes disappear or break after going through a level transition. I first noticed it at the start of Surface Tension. A while ago, I remember carrying this medkit from the previous map only to have it disappear after the transition. There was a patch since then, and the medkit stayed when I played recently. Only problem was I couldn’t use it after taking damage.

Had the same thing in Lambda Core with my leftover supplies from Tank 02 of the coolant system. I had two medkits with me, and they both disappeared after the transition. All the batteries and uranium stayed, and I could still use them.

The second screenshot is me returning from Tank 01. I threw a couple of batteries on the ground ahead of me, and tossed a third one just as I walked through the transition. The batteries already on the ground disappeared, but the one in the air made it through.

Which brings me to a second issue with these maps.

After completing everything in both chambers, this is what I was left with. The door was locked, even though I’d finished my tasks. I was able to solve this by going back to the Tank 02 map, doing nothing, and then returning. When I returned here, everything was fine and the door was unlocked. This could have happened because I went to the pump stations out of order, hitting Pump 02 before Pump 01. It’s a habit I’ve had since my first playthrough of Half-Life, and hasn’t caused any problems in Black Mesa until now.

This one speaks for itself

When I killed these houndeyes, they started sliding across the floor slowly. I couldn’t do anything to interfere, since they wouldn’t respond to any of my weapons. They kept going, phased through the elevator, and didn’t stop until they hit the wall.

I gotta say, I’m in love with all the improvements to Surface Tension. The maps are 99% perfect, the details are breathtaking, and the new sequences add a whole lot. That being said, there is one area that bothers me immensely. This is more like feedback, but part of it seems to be a bug.

The security doors in this map don’t seem right at all. They’re huge and inconsistent with how they appear elsewhere in the game. The one at the end of the map is the worst offender. It reaches the ceiling and doesn’t have a frame at all. It’s incredibly distracting. I can’t fully appreciate the sequence where the grunt beats the guard to death when the door is all I can think about. Everything else in that’s new in Surface Tension is so masterfully done, which makes this brief moment all the more jarring. Also, the guard doesn’t follow the player right after he opens the door to the hangar. In fact, he just stood there staring at the keypad until I got to the security booth, at which point he sprinted to me.

One last thing, sort of a small one. When you pick up a crossbow clip, it gives you 10 bolts instead of just the 5.

Keep doing what you’re doing. Love you guys. <3