Building a steambox


So after years of laptop gaming on my mac I am in a financial position to to build a dedicated gaming computer. I am looking to run Microshaft and Valvux on separate hard drives so as to not conflict with any OS installation and I want it to be Liquid cooled so it will be quiet. Ideally quieter that my sexbox 360 and hopefuly as quiet as the PS4. I looked at EVGA stuff and the GPU stuff seems $ but the cases seem pretty reasonable. ANy suggestions for an old PC gamer looking to reclaim old glory?



It’s hard to take this thread seriously when you use terms like Microshaft and Sexbox 360.

Are you 12 or something?



I think I know why you’re only just now in the financial position to resolve the issue.

Also I really confused about what you need help with in specific.




Also, you KNOW, that a Steam Box has a whole different purpose than a gaming pc ?
It’s intended to bring your games into the living room, turning your pc into a console so to speak. So do you want a real (Gaming) Pc with other advantages (other programs, working, surfing the net, etc.) or just a “console” (yep, I know the Steam OS CAN be a secondary system and you also have Web access etc. but it’s basically just that - it’s intended for this special use) just for playing?


#5 That’s all I got for silent PCs I don’t really care a ton about noise so I’m not concerned. This is usually the link I toss people interested in building a new pc.



No, but I appreciate the humor from that era in my life and I hate the gates legacy but I need it to run software for my job and games I love to play. The 360 was great but It is now old.

I have not built a PC in almost 10 years. I stopped after my job required a very high quality laptop computer. The Mac was logical because at the time it ran windows better than any windows laptop available. for the previous 10 I had a desktop that started out as a 286 running Dos and became a multiprocessor gaming/design rig but I was always 2 to 3 years behind the curve in hot tech.
I don’t know what is cool anymore or what is the best value. That is what I need help with.

I want an extremely good gaming PC to plug into my 4k tv. It will exist for the sole purpose of playing games at very high resolution, resolutions that are currently impossible with my 2 year old laptop or PS4. It will have to run Windows because there are a bunch of games I still want to be able to play but I also would love to play as much as I could under steam OS.




So, after months of research and a year of on and off frustruation, I finally got it together. Two motherboards (be careful how tight you screw on the CPU cooler,) two power supplies (beware of super cheap online retailers) and several batches of memory (thank god for mobo boot codes, and never buy memory from Fry’s) I have a my first dedicated gaming computer in a decade. With a pair of overclocked liquid cooled GTX 980 cards in SLI, I set up win10 and then I spent yesterday playing Black Mesa and Crysis at full 4k resolution with all the graphics on maximum saettings. I downloaded AC unity to try today when I get home from work.SteamOS was another story. I installed it and it seemed to go very well until I tried to login. It turns out that the driver for my network card is crap and I am currently looking for a solution in the SteamOS forum. After work I will post pictures.