C&C Generals 2 F2P


Lets all kill EA now!

F2P games need to die.

Definitely! Because the F2P concept often only works for the publishers and studios, if its P2W. Otherwise people tend to not spending anything on microtransactions.

Well, I know what game I’m not even going to bother trying now.

same reactions in our country…same reactions in other countries…and ofcourse, mine is the same…to hell with these money-sucking bitches …


I’m just waiting for the ingame notices:
“You have bought 5 tanks. To buy more, purchase General Points here…”
“The new rocket soldier DLC is here. You now don’t have to fear your opponents planes. Buy it for only 7,99. € of course!”
“Unlock General Miller, if you want to win this Challenge. Gen. Miller is part of the Character Pack for 15,99. € of course!”

Edit: Oh and Origin is a requirement. (I don’t know this for sure, but I’ll bet you it will be)


well, it should eventually be sold as a complete game, on steam, right? like in 2015? I’ll pick it up then.

Noooo! Why? How much more can you destroy such a nice series like C&C?

I dunno, if they do it right and really put the focus on competitive online gaming, with clan support and a good matchmaking system and community infrastructure, without pay to win; it could work.

But yeah, it’s EA, soooo…

This is disgusting.

I wanted Generals 2. Not some F2P multiplayer-only bullcrap. :meh:

I hated C&C generals anyway.

generals (not zero hour) was an amazing multiplayer game (except for the bugs and lack of support)

C&C has always been primarily a multiplayer game tbh

I tend to disagree.

The C&C games have indeed always been a huge multiplayer hit (Red alert 2, Tiberian Sun, Generals,…)

But what made C&C really “C&C” was the singleplayer cutscenes, storyline,… which I and probably many others really missed in Generals (although they considered it a very good game but not worthy of the name C&C in the title)

I thought Generals was a very good game. Not in a very C&C kind of way, but still as itself a good game.

EA already ruined the series with Tiberian Twilight. What could be worse than that?

Noooo not just AoE but C&C too?
The reason i played Generals was because i can play as terrorists in the campaign

Nobody ever told me that when I was playing both sp and mp for the games

Generals 1 was brilliant (and zero hour). I still think the first decade are quite possibly some of the best RTS games ever made. They even put Starcraft and Total Annohilation to shame at times.

But I hated this game before this announcement. As soon as I saw Bioware was attached to it, I knew it was going to be a disaster

Personally, I really didn’t enjoy generals at all. But that’s probably because at the time I liked the future C&C universe way better than the “modern day” C&C

I was so pissed when they turned NOD in C&C 3 into basically a reskinned GLA

The original C&C was meant to be just a small step into the future, but otherwise modern day. That’s why the first game had humvees and A-10s, among others.

Generals was intended to carry on that original intent.

No single player campaign???