C4a1b1 - explosive flora issue

I downloaded the Xen beta today (15 September 2019) and noticed an issue on the following map:

bm_c4a1b1 at: -341 x, -1861 y. 5573
stepos -341.512207 -1861.335571 5573.648438;setang 1.871034 -37.371681 0.000000

You come up on a pack of sleeping houndeyes next to some of the explosive flora that detonates when hit (see attached screenshot). However, no matter how far away you are, when the flora is shot, you instantaneously die, despite the fact they have a relatively small radius and not a great deal of damage over a long distance.

I tried activating god mode, shot the flora and killed all the houndeyes, but when I deactivated god mode, it still killed me instantly, even though the flora had exploded minutes before.

I couldn’t replicate your issue