Cading/3d printing thread


Post your CAD/3d printing stuff!

Here’s a fully 3D printable combo lock jar I made in Inventor for fun.

Each of the three rings has an inner ring that the locking peg sits on. The outside of the inner right opposite the peg has a bump that corresponds to female indents on the inside of the outer ring at each embossed number. The end of the inner ring opposite the peg has a gap in it so that the ring can be squeezed and fit into the outer rings during assembly. This also allows you to rotate the inner peg such that it aligns to a new number, thus changing the combination.

I’m a member of a club at my Uni that just got some funding for a Makerbot Replicator 2X to replace our current shitty printer. Once we get the new printer I’m going to try to print my jar out.

What kind of stuff have you guys been making? There’s got to be more (likely much better) CADers than me.



Doesn’t the “Show off your latest” thread make this one a bit redundant?



Fair enough, I’ll move it. I made this its own thread because I generally try to avoid the big threads on this forum because I’m generally not around enough to keep up with them ):.