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It’s funny. I thought the trailer actually looked interesting because they’re finally embracing the fact that COD is not the visceral boots-in-the-mud experience it was in 2001, and are going crazy with it. Riding horses down a ravine as shit crashes around you while firing futuristic rifles sounds fucking awesome.



How does COD seem to exclusively attract retards?

After COD4 it somehow caught on with casual gamers who don’t know what they’re talking about.

It’s gotta be the perk/ persistent upgrade system. Being rewarded for meaningless tasks like killing people (in a fucking shooter no less) must be the thing that reels in the extra uneducated yet entitled assholes.

I literally beat the campaign of the first one 5 minutes ago. This is fucking excellent news.

I cackled like a hyena when that horseback scene flashed. This is going to be outrageously fun and they’re going to play off everything as completely serious and that will only add to the effect. Let me chew on you, Treyarch

It actually looks cool. If the COD franchise sticks to this style of unrealistic then I may actually hop back on that gravy train…

…that is if they don’t water down the MP with severe amounts of retardation.

It actually looks cool. Except for one huge ass problem. IT’S ALL SCRIPTED. CoD needs to learn that the future of gaming is dynamic and without scripts or they’ll never make a good game. Sure all of you like it looking at the trailer, I do too. But once you realize that that trailer had about 0% actual gameplay you’ll realize this will be just one shit game like the rest.

By the fan’s reaction, I can see the sales leveling out kinda.

I actually don’t care. I may buy this day one if the game keeps going in this direction.

The most hilarious part is everyone in the trailer comments saying it’s cool that CoD is doing something different. How the hell is this different??? A small setting change will do nothing to save a game whose gameplay oozes mediocrity and stale from every one of it’s pores.

We have yet to see gameplay. Let’s assume Treyarch adds dynamic AI, sequences, and environments this time.

After all, they’re the ones who added the dolphin dive by holding X, Zombie Mode, and their kick-ass emblem system, none of which are in the Infinity Ward titles.

Ah, yes. The long-awaited prequel to Total Annihilation is finally here!

I’ll have to keep my eye on this, though I’m skeptical. Hopefully it does something with gameplay, not just a scene change.

Zombies is the only addition that can be given any merit. And it as well was obscenely stale by the time Black Ops rolled around. The first time I got to pack a punch I realized I had seen all there was to see and never touched zombies again. They’re only truly merit-worthy addition was wager match. In fact I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not…emblems and dolphin dive, though nice, are highly inconsequential.

CoD attracts so many casuals because after CoD4 Activision realized that would be the most lucrative market and switched gears to target casuals. This is seen in simple game mechanics (designed to make the game easy for beginners), unchanging game mechanics from sequel to sequel (once again to make things easy), a singleplayer with little focus on actual gameplay, a multiplayer with extremely shallow interaction (no strategy, calling to a minimal number of skills), a “progress” focused multiplayer, huge emphasis on social aspects (not necessarily a con), leading heavily on consoles, the list goes on and on and on and on.

CoD is a casual game for casual gamers. It’s downright silly for anyone else to bother with it. Even if you do like the style you can pick your favorite from the franchise and only play it and never need to touch the others.

I cant see them changing up the formula for this, as opposed to whats been done before. Sure, there might a handful of cool little additions, but they have no reason at all to change the formula. Where is their incentive? As long as those millions and millions of casual gamer dollars keep rolling in, you wont see anything drastic, it will be the same old stuff oyuve already played just reskinned and rebadged with new levels. And hey, alot of people are happy with that…

Say what you will, garthtard. Their emblem system is fucking wonderful in creative hands.

I really wish shooters would drop their WoW style ranking system. We all know that prestige or rank number don’t mean shit for your actual merit in a shooter. Instead, statistics such as score per min and kills per death should determine your rank statistic. Also, statistics should include a “this month only” number that shows how you’re doing now, not how you’re doing now minus that week you were getting over the learning curve and that month you were running 15 fps (both actual situations with me).

I love the stupid bombast of these games, but I hate the way you’re constantly railroaded into every single move you make. There’s linear, and then there’s COD. It’s just really tough for me to handle.

Oh hey something retarded appears when I kill someone, SO FUCKING AWESOME GRAHHHHH GRAHHHHH. I just think it’s silly to expect Treyarch to fix CoD’s broken gameplay based on their past merit of adding little small details and a copy pasta zombies mode. Especially seeing as Black Op’s multiplayer was a horrendous step back.

Treyarch’s job is to take IW’s last title and release DLC for it as a standalone game. Look at WaW, look at Black Ops, and, soon, look at Black Ops 2. They are so stunningly obviously just DLC for CoD 4, MW2 and MW3 respectively.

I’ve always considered each Call Of Duty great in it’s own merit as a standalone title, with the multiplayer experience being the main drawing point for the target consumer.

That being said, I think you should only pay for that core experience once and only once.

[12:10:38 AM] Simon Nguyen: are you fucking kidding me
[12:11:00 AM] Simon Nguyen: supposively, BLOPS2’s antagonist is gonna be anonymous
[12:11:08 AM] xalener: lolwut
[12:11:13 AM] xalener: like…
[12:11:21 AM] Simon Nguyen: HACKERS
[12:11:25 AM] Simon Nguyen: THEY ARE THE ENEMY
[12:11:25 AM] xalener: lalsfokasodjgalkfg