Can Anyone Identify This Face Hidden In The Security Turret Decal?


I am assuming it’s a still from a movie or something, but damned if I know which.


I haven’t seen it, but Google Image search has:

Tarman from The Return of the Living Dead (1985)


“Return of the living dead”, fresh out of the barrel. For bonus points, I will also include, all of his dialogue……. “Brains……”

If there is one thing I know… its horror movies. I miss horror movie and sci fi trivia… hmmm maybe i’ll make thread.


Agree. Tarman from Return of the Living Dead


security turret as in bms? from the ceiling?


Yeah, if you view the texture image without the alpha mask (i.e. in the Hammer select window or directly viewing the texture file) you can see the face in the center where the turret itself usually sits. Some of the other textures have text hidden in this manner, but it’s pretty mundane stuff like the texture author’s name or a note on the ‘molecule’ calendar identifying the molecule in question as caffeine.