Chavs and general low-life fuck you giving you a hard time in your 'hood? Try this.

This is fucking brilliant.

P.S. If mods could fix the thread name, please? I should really go to bed now.

How droll. [color=’#191919’]And yes, I did watch it-- Methanol poisoning distribution via vodka abduction.

Gentlemen, Tiki is amused.

the whole time I was like “what, what’s going on?” and then the whole reveal at the end was genius.

The fact that it is based on a single youtube comment is just icing on the cake.

Totally saw it coming but it was well executed nevertheless.

Disclaimer: Only attempt this at home if you’re comfortable with the idea of being hospitalized.

because getting a soft white boy’s fist in your featureless, heavily-cushioned cheek is enough to attract scissors to the threads of a man’s mortality

get the fuck out ma thread with your mlp shit

Controversial thread. I’m in.

Murder in exchange for theft? I vote against! Rather punish the corrupt politicians who let things get this bad in the first place.

Technically, not murder.

hard to prove they stole it from you if they’re dead

They’re all dead by now anyway.

As for the urlas, I think their numbers are past that critical point where anything can be done about it.

Hard to prove you even had to do anything with it.
Это тебе не Монреаль, еп.

I’ve been victim of attempted robbery in Montreal, they were all pussies though and never succeeded, one shit stain got away with my MP3 player’s usb port cover. In russia they have no choice, here they do it because it’s more fun than work.

Indeed. Because politicians make people bad.
One of my classmates was expelled for breaking someone’s face in the school toilets. Three years later he was imprisoned for biting off someone’s nose in a fight. I knew him from the age of 12 and he was an asshole even then.

But what I never realised until your comment was that he was forced to be a psychotic asshole by the government.

Most of the violent thugs I’ve known from school were like that because that’s how they were raised. They weren’t raised by politicians, they were raised by their parents (or in many cases not raised at all)

I know it’s kewl to blame the government for EVERY BAD THING IN YOUR LIFE but as crazy as it sounds, there have always been shit, unpleasant people who will punch you in the face just for looking at them. It has nothing to do with Obama or Cameron or Merkel or whoever…

Ahh…an expert of Russian society. I look forward to reading your study on the differences between Canadian and Russian thugs. I’ve had a couple of Russian girlfriends and a dozen friends living in Moscow and SPB and have spent about 3 months in the country and while I don’t consider myself to be an expert on Russian life I can safely say that most Russian assholes are simply dickheads and not forced into a life of crime by Putin.

[color=’#191919’]Да неужели, Сережа? Orly?
I’ll tell you this: post-soviet chav mentality mostly revolves around doing this shit for fun or to gain status among their kind. They don’t really give a fuck about your phone or goodies, nor do they care if your poor or rich - they will punch you in a gut just because they can.

Pretty much this. Romanticizing this type of shit is the worst thing western media have came up with.

In my defense, I was very young when I left my country so any kind of comparison I can make is apples vs oranges.


I first I was like “Huh, this pretty fucking boring”. Then he gets to the store and I burst out laughing.

Very smart thing he does. You could go even further with some fancy shit, but he’s a really a genius.

Funny stuff, but in the UK they’d stab you to death for the vodka, not slap you around a bit. So not really worth it.