Clint Eastwood loses it at RNC

Either he is a double agent in the GOP, making fun of the whole event, or next time he should think about using a script.


I’m always surprised at the reaction from the audience, for political speeches. I mean, they are crying over words said by politicians, who want to be voted in as president. The are screaming over the politicians personalities, not actually their actions. The are so easily influenced by rhetoric, it is scary.

It’s all just a dog and pony show from both party’s that serves no real purpose other than to trot out the circus acts and go “hey, look at me”.

Where’s the democraty when in the end you just vote for 2 guys?

The democracy is in the money. I would want a budget cap for electorial campaigns, so money isn’t the key asset anymore. Oh yes and limited company donation to max. 1500 USD per employee in that company.

You’d expect some dumb cow like Maddow to get all butthurt when one of the greatest movie icons (ironically) makes fun of Barry with millions of people watching.

INB4 Politics.