Co-Op Support not possible right now


Someone asked on the Source Modding Community discord if someone could port Sven Coop to Black Mesa.
Sadly my experiments with turning BMS into coop doesn’t work right now.

One reason for it is that the MP5 that the HGrunt carries, does crash the game the instant they fire it.
They can fire the shotgun, but the MP5 is off.

Then the stability is overall a bit crashy when it comes to co-op, but a start would be to fix the MP5 from instacrashing the game, when it’s fired by a npc.

Disclaimer that I do not want this to take priority over Xen, but it would be fun to port my maps to coop.


How exactly are you introducing co-op to begin with?


You shoot enemies on maps made for co-op, using the deathmatch respawn system.
Then you simply move the player spawns forward when the players reaches checkpoints in the map.


Ok, so the maps are run, programmatically, as multiplayer maps. That makes more sense.


Yup, more or less just like Sven Coop.