Computer locks up(both when idle and when I play games)

So…I know this is probably not the most suitable place to look for a solution but at this point I am really desperate to resolve this issue.
My PC keeps locking up when Idle and while I play games.When I play games they either freeze and then unfreeze after a while or freeze permanently with this weird buzzing sound.When idle(at desktop)after a couple of hours AGAIN it just freezes,the mouse arrow just hangs there and and all that is left is to do is to reboot my PC…or to punch it REALLY hard.
Things that I have tried to fix it are so far:
-rolled back to previous driver
-uninstalled completely ATI gfx card driver and installed the latest one again
-uninstalled completely ATI gfx card driver and installed the one before that
-uninstalled ATI AMD high definition audio device
-cursed the day I bought ATI card
My PC specs are:
Motherboard:GA M61PME-S2P
CPU:AMD Atlon II x 3 455 3,3 GHz
GPU:Radeon 6770 1 GB DDR5
Ram 4 GB DDR 2
PSU Seasonic 520 W
If anyone has any clue as what may be causing this or the solution itself then I would be forever in debt to that individual.

Aiden, you have to get your temps… do it fast, before shit goes from bad to horrible:

Grab all the temps you can get: CPU, GPU, MB etc, and post all of them here… prolly would not hurt to get voltages etc for anything you can. And take note if there are spikes in voltage and temps while idle… this is just me guessing that this could be something to look for. Can’t hurt. I know enough to be a little dangerous, but there are many guys on here who know their shit pretty good.

Also, do you have another GPU you can stick in to test (or integrated video on Muthaboard)?

I don’t think it’s the temperature thing since I am measuring them all time with CPUID HWMonitor.I’m running my CPU with Cool’N Quiet enabled so the temperatures never go past 50 degrees,GPU temperatures as well never go past 75 degrees and every other temperature seems to be normal.Voltages for RAM,CPU and everything else are normal and aren’t fluctuating that much.

You could have mentioned all that bro… did you try another GPU to test? Outside of that, I am out of ideas. Good luck.

Since I’m running out of options right now I might just try that,thanks for the advice.

Do you have an SSD installed? I had kind of the same problem and the reason was that my SSDs didn’t like to be turned off. The computer froze for a minute or more. When I disabled the HDD power save it stopped.

Yeah, good idea goofball. Should take about 10 minutes… and could very well be the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please report your findings… we do not want anyone losing sleep over your tech woes.

And really dude, in the future when asking for tech support, throw in everything and kitchen fucking sink. Everything is relevant, when troubleshooting PCs.

To me doesn’t sound like a GPU issue but a memory issue, did you check if your RAM requires 2.1 or 2.2v instead of default 1.8? Also check memory timings, some RAM is rated 5-5-5-15 but only supports those timings at 667mhz or slower.

Sounds like a RAM. Try removing the RAM sticks from their slots and put them back again, maybe there is a bad contact. If it doesn’t help, try what sersoft says, and try memtest.

I don’t have an SSD but thanks for your reply.Both of my RAM sticks are working at 667 mhz I will try to move them and see what happens.

I owe you one!!One of one of the RAM sticks wasn’t positioned correctly,I have no fucking idea how did that happen but I don’t care at this point,thanks again!!