Conscript - a PC/PSP game based on the HL2 beta universe

Just thought some people might be interested in seeing this.

still have my psp to test things like that but it looks like a downgrade from source all the way back to the quake 1 engine

Well, I think they are using Q1 for the PSP version, and GoldSrc or something for the PC one.

They’re using Source 2007 for the PC version, and they have different content.

I know these guys back from when I was working on Solitude (basically the exact same thing as this cept with Halo), they were kinda jokes when they started, constantly picking fights with devs on other projects and using ripped content and shit, but they’ve straightened out now definitely.

This Looks Very Nice so Far,

But Personally, I’m rather interested in Dark Interval. It looks promising

only interested in the psp port, because I could run that on my phone

Not entirely sure how legal this is, but I guess it depends if they’re going to charge for it and how much of the source material they use. If it’s in an alternate HL universe as opposed to just inspired by it, I can see some potential legal trouble.

One thing I keep seeing on the comments that bugs me is people saying that they don’t like Half-Life.

If you don’t like Half-Life, what the hell are you doing following a game that’s based off of the series?

All of the content is original (not ripped), so it’s fine.

Damn, some of that stuff looks nice, and atmospheric - if a little blocky.

It’s not the content I’m worried about, it’s the IP. It doesn’t matter if they’re modeling their own barnacle/CP/Citadel, it’s still a barnacle/CP/Citadel.
I mean, hopefully Valve won’t mind, because it’s looking quite good so far. I’m just worried that they could get in trouble for making what is essentially a HL series game without permission.

Well, it was never a problem with BM :s

Fuck, if Microsoft let the team I was in get away with making a Halo game on the quake engine on a SONY handheld, these guys are fine.