Console release?

I don’t mean to offend anybody, but further down the road, is the team planning on a console release? I know there would need to be a lot of optimization and control reworks, so I’m not asking if there will be an immediate console release after Xen is done. I’m just curious as to if it’s something the team is potentially considering maybe a year from now, once the PC version has been fully completed/optimized/bug fixed. I think it could allow for a larger audience to experience half-life for the first time; for $20, its a great game, and could potentially do much better on console marketplaces than just Steam alone, especially if it releases on next gen consoles when they launch. Sorry again if this offends anyone on the dev team.

It was mentioned countles times here, on Steam forums and Discord. To answer your question: no.

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A simple question wouldn’t offend us, don’t worry about that!

But yeah, the answer is no. It’s just too much work on our end and we’re not particularly interested in doing it either.

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Thanks for the replies.