Constant crashes when trying to play in Windows 10 (no crash in Ubuntu)

I am having crashes seconds after a savegame is loaded, I reinstalled twice . By the way I played with no issues in previous versions

I will really appreciate if anybody can explain me how to upload,share… .dmp file created on Steam\dumps
My hardware is
Windows 10 64 bit (Ver 1909)
Asrock H270 Pro4
Asus GTX 1060 Dual OC 6 GB
16 GB DDR4 2133
i5 6500

In the other hand, I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed in same PC and I can play with no issues at all

Jorge Giménez

Game crashing could be caused by multiple problems.
I will post several developer recommended fixes.

  1. Uninstall ALL Mods, no exceptions.
    Verify the game files afterwards and quit using the old saves.

  2. Your saved game could be corrupt.Quit using it and restart the chapter from the new game menu.

  3. Revert to the old menu.
    Right-click the game in Steam, select “Properties”, and in the General tab select “Set Launch Options”. Type “-oldgameui” in the launch config.

  4. Try Launching the game with:
    in the launch options.

Additional tips
Disable free gpu tuner software ie Afterburner, Rivatuner

Also ask on the devs discord and the steam forum

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Thanks a lot but I have no success :frowning:

Best regards,
Jorge Giménez

Thanks a lot again , I just asked on Steam Community and on the way to ask on Discord

Best regards,
Jorge Giménez


I answer to myself

For the moment it worked with this parameters

-dev -autoconfig -autoexec -oldgameui

Later I changed resolution to 1920x1080 . I am playing with no issues for the moment

I got the solution from here

Thanks again to RedEye that provided the link to discord