Crash before the first map of Surface Tension


Just before the first map of ST, when you press the button on the wall, the game crashes without an error message (just “hl2.exe stopped working”) and it doesn’t create any .mdmp files. I’m currently making a crowbar-only run, so I rushed this outdoor part without killing any enemies, could that be the source of problem? This crash never happened on numerous normal playthroughs. It happens every time I load a save so I’m stuck. Since I don’t have any crash report, I’ll link to save files:



In task manager, before you press the ‘Close Program’ button - can you open up task manager, right click on hl2.exe and click ‘Create dump file’ ? That should load all current memory stored in RAM into a file that can then be used to analyze what the program just tried to load into the RAM.

Other than that, I suggest you keep your save - reinstall BM, and put the save file back into the saves location. The memory dump you created from the process could help the devs figure out what caused the crash.

BTW, is this on ST Uncut? Or just BM ST?