Crash when jumping on the electrical cabinet in bm_c1a0b

When you jump on the electrical cabinet in bm_c1a0b the game crashes.

pos -3955 769 -623

Confirmed. This is inside the Test Chamber during Anomalous Materials, the electrical box to the right of the entry doors (if you’re looking at them from inside the Test Chamber).

This is also occurs in Unforeseen Consequences jumping on the same electrical box after the Resonance Cascade.

I’ve found that I crash from jumping on top of any instance of that exact electrical box model (small and white with a hazard symbol in the center) that I’ve been able to find in both AM and UC, including (in addition to the box in the test chamber) one

  • On the wall behind and to the right of the Anomalous Materials front desk, on a corner that curves into the right-hand hallway.

  • Outside and just to the left of the entrance to the server room (i.e., the room behind the front desk).

  • Just before and to the left of the “wrong airlock” (the one Gordon uses to escape sector C), above the bench that a zombie is seen dying on post-cascade.

  • In the room with the scientist defending his decision to redo past effort with newer technologies. Specifically, the box is on the left-hand wall about halfway through the room, after the first inner glass wall, when one approaches from the entrance.

  • In the lab room adjacent to the first elevator that Gordon takes, opposite from the window. The player can only get in the room normally in UC, when the box is partially concealed by flames coming from a console beneath it.

  • (UC only) In the warehouse-ish room that the player enters immediately after emerging from the fallen elevator, to the left of the door leading to the metallic coolant rooms.

Since those are all the boxes I was able to find with that model and they all similarly crashed my game, it’s possible that every instance of this electrical box causes crashing (and there may be more that I missed).

If I remember correctly the prop data for the model was the cause of the crash, when you jump on the prop it tries to play a sound but the the engine throws a fit so you crash.