Created these horrror sounds by accident

I was making a video of a couple of young Cockatiels because they were acting real excited and, in the background, our Umbrella Cockatoo and Eclectus decided to chime in too!

I was sending it to my wife and upon completion played the video only to find out that I had recorded it in slow motion by accident. The results turned out to be pretty amazing.

It sounds like a recording coming straight from the depths of hell.

Maybe I should start recording these things more often and offer them up for usage in horror mods and videos?


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Yeah, that sounded diabolical and almost distressing.

Slowing down and/or lowering the pitch is a classic trick to make dark and ominous sounds. Another trick is to reverse the playback, for example, if it is a voice recording. Apparently, they used both these methods to create the Zombie sounds in Half-Life 2.

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