Custom choreography problem

Hello guys,

I made a custom .vcd choreography with Faceposer (the one in SFM).
Everything works right inside Faceposer : gestures, speech and lipsinc.
Rebuilding scenes.image seems to works well too.

My next step is to make it works in-game using Hammer.
For that, i use 3 entities :

  • logic_choreographed_scene (the custom choreography itself)
  • npc_citizen (which plays the custom choreography)
  • func_button (which fire the choreography to be played by the npc_citizen)

BUT, in-game, after compiling my map, and when pressing the button : the choreography doesn’t play.
Instead i have an error that says that my custom .vcd is missing from scenes.image.

I have tryed many things, and it’s still not working…
Do you guys have an idea of what’s going on ?
I know there is a trick or a workaround, but actually i’m stuck.

Any help would be appreciated


Here is the Gameinfo.txt of my mod :

	type		singleplayer_only

 	    SteamAppId             220 
	    ToolsAppId	           211
		game       	"D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2\"
		game		|gameinfo_path|. 
		game		|all_source_engine_paths|ep2
		game		|all_source_engine_paths|episodic
		game 		|all_source_engine_paths|hl2
		platform 	|all_source_engine_paths|platform

Faceposer (SFM) find my custom choreography and make a proper scenes.image file.
The problem, the choreography still don’t play in-game. I still have the error that says that my custom .vcd is missing from scenes.image.

I don’t understand…

Help please !

I’m pretty sure that the game won’t load a custom scenes.image if it’s in the loose files, because it checks the vpk archives first. If you haven’t already, try setting up a custom/ folder and putting it there, and if it still won’t load your only choice is going to have to be to make a mod folder in your Black Mesa directory (Next to but not in bms/) and run the game with the switch-game [mod folder name] added to the launch parameters.
Right now that’s the only workaround I think the community has found for making custom versions of a whole bunch of different files and scripts - hopefully the devs are working on a custom campaign menu for the workshop that will allow us to load custom files more easily.

EDIT: A while back I made a mod skeleton to help people set up/show off the functionality of the -game switch loading; This is only tangentially related to your question but it does have working custom choreography if you end up going that route; feel free to download it and use it as a base/reference, though be warned that the one-click-installation on the Steam Workshop doesn’t support this method.