Dark Souls for PC confirmed


Pretty much every rumor lately was leading up to this.

I already have the game for the PS3 but I’m glad they’re bringing this for PC finally.

Just hope the port is decent and the franchise gets PC versions from now own.

So AWESOME! Cant wait, almost ended up buying it for ps3, but unless the port sucks Ill get it on pc instead.

They called the PC the “Master race”. I approve.

Heard a lot of good stuff about this game. If it’s a good port and cheap enough I might get it.

:open_mouth: Do want as long as its not a shit port.

Wow, that’s pretty cool. Hopefully they do a good job porting it.

I hope it’s ready for 5040x1050 resolution.

I like From Software. I’ll probably finally give this series a shot.

I actually got REALLY giddy. The little girl inside of me does that sometimes.

Yea so that a much to large majority of “fans” can pirate it and play it for free, right?

I see you’re quite the optimist

I hope they get the PC controlling right. I know that the game is fucking hard and bad controlling would be very frustrating.

Agreed. The way the controls are now on the PS3, a direct port would never work. I hope they take the time to build an interface that works well with M/KB and don’t just say expect PC gamers to use a gamepad.

Otherwise, I just want to see framerate issues fixed from the PS3 version and I’ll be happy.

Even with piracy they’ll probably make money on it.

Anybody still following this? There are so many problems that are cropping up. GFWL is one, which people are trying to get removed. Just recently it’s been revealed that it will most likely be locked at 30 fps because of how the game was made, and that either the resolution will be locked at 720p or the textures will be the same as the console versions, meaning 720p.

GFWL has not been confirmed by the developers yet, so there’s a chance it might not use it. As for the resolution, it will have to have a choice of different resolutions since not all brands of monitors are compatible with 16:9 aspect ratio.

Besides, you’d have to be doing a bad port on purpose to not include resolution options.

Yeah, even the shittiest of ports have resolution options.

Apparently the textures being the same resolution as on the consoles is pretty common and typically doesn’t cause a lot of problems. Did not know that.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a game locking the resolution because of texture quality.

What I meant is that there are two options for what they said:

  1. The resolution would be locked to 720p
  2. The resolutions of the textures would not be increased in the PC version, meaning we would be playing at 1080p with the same textures that the console version was using at 720p

I originally thought using the same textures in a higher resolution would make the game look very bad but apparently that isn’t the case.