Anyone playing this ARMA2 mod? Been getting reeeeally interested in this. Looks like a very cool and challenging game. And since Steam is having their summer sale, ARMA2 combine ops is $24 USD.

Anyway, read a few articles on just how brutal this mod can be.

I played it at a pals house and loved it. That being said, I’m holding off on buying ARMA II because of this article.

Hm, kinda confusing. Is he saying that when it goes standalone in September, ARMA2 will no longer be required to play the game? Did he license the game engine or something? because I gotta think if he puts out a game based on ARMA2 and is going to charge for it, that there would be a whole slew of licensing issues.

But yeah, looks like I am going to be waiting until September.

Apparently from what I can tell from the forums. He will be stopping development on the ‘mod’ and focusing on the actual standalone game. Not sure what tech he’s going to be using.

He works for Bohemia and after all the money his mod brought to the company, I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to give him an engine license.

And if Bohemia publishes it (engine license free in exchange of a slice of the profit).

It’s very fun. But this night not so much; I fell off a building (due to an unfamiliar, stupid engine) and died.
Most of dayz is waiting for the loading screen to end.

I would post some stories here but, another time.

Yeah, after a little more research I found out he was a dev for Bohemia. Most likely they are giving him the green light to make a standalone using the engine. An updated version of the engine I hope.

DayZ is fuckhard. It can be an awesome game at times but at other times it’s just a general pain in the ass. You run around and suddenly a zombie that is 3 times faster then you bursts out and chases you with the use of crappy animations. But when you finally find a decent gun and stuff it is a very rewarding game. Just make sure that you have someone you can play with because you can heal each other :wink:

Well it’s in Alpha, so you don’t need to be surprised.

Riding down the blissful country side with my friends, reminiscing on all the adventures we have had together, I happen to notice a downed helicopter. It was sitting there, all lonely, beckoning my presence. So I relay to my fellows of the chopper’s whereabouts and we park our van under a nice shady tree along side the road. We hop out and proceed to form our regular perimeters as two of my buddies make their way to the lonesome chopper.

What a plethora of finds! There was a medical box filled to the brim, AS50 and camo for all! We must be lucky, we had all thought, as we made our way back to the van. As we all took our sits, the tree let appear a grin. As we hit the gas and made our way forward the tree let out a NOPE.avi. A ball of flame consumed my visage and our van was flipped in the air. Our spoils were gone and our bodies to ashes. Thank you mister tree.

You sound like J.R.R Tolkien.

But yeah, I know that feel bro; we had a quadbike and it flipped when it hit a bridge road, it went flying miles. We lived but lost our loot, there was a lot of loot. The second time with another quadbike, it randomly burst into flames, no tree and I died. Luckily he waited for me to run from the beach and collect my loot. :wink:

It’s a pretty great jogging simulator.

Nah, if I want to get yelled at and ostracized by people who have been playing a game 10x as long as I’ve played TF2, I would just play League of Legends.

Rocket (AKA the creator of day Z) currently Works for Bohemia interactive…

Anyone living in US/Canada East timezone interested in teaming up? None of my friends care for it much and the game gets tiresome when not in a group. If interested just search and add King1600 on steam.

If you’re interested in gifting me I’ll play with you all the time haha I got nothing else to do… and I’m broke. /pathetic hopefulness

just wait for the standalone to come out. It’s supposed to come out sometime this September.

lol. You’re not the only one. Let me know if you get your hands on a copy. The game is unplayable solo, as you need someone else to do blood transfusion. Its also awfully buggy in its current state. I keep getting insane graphical artifacts when walking into Cherno. Bugs aside, the concept is pretty darn epic.

I somehow doubt that DayZ will be standalone by September. Would be nice though. Mankyman, do you still play? Add me if you do, “King1600” … That goes for anyone else.