Death by Peperoni Pizza Portal Puzzle

Hi, no idea why this happens with the pizza, it did not happen with the hat:
Every time I port from #2 to #4 in the reactor with my pizza in hand, I come out on top of the pizza, and get the kind of sideways acceleration which ends on a wall and would by law require huge friendly letters to appear, saying “SPLAT!”.
And no, this is not caused by the pipes: Those push you off the platfom quite gently by comparison, then gravity pays attention by pulling you downwards to splat on the floor, not being yanked sideways on a peperoni pizza by some strange force of magic/sadism/physics/arcane Italian cooking.
Oh, it’s also impossible to grab the pizza, as I am apparently sitting on top of it, no matter how I entered the portal - and trust me, short of doing a cartwheel I have tried everything. Because guess what? The second I touch any directional key, I get shot off the platform in that direction. I have started playing Elton John’s Rocket Man, just saying.

This also apparently happens with portals a lot: when you enter with an item in your hand, you will rematerialize on top of said item (Sing: Sitting on a bottle of Cy-ahhhh-no-gen in the middle of an alien swaaaaamp) and not with item in hand. Well. Sometimes I do. Have no idea why as to the mechanics of it (machinations?). Playing Rocket Man does NOT help, btw.

In case this is intended sadism, please ignore. In case this is an unforseen … consequence of, say, a recent NVIDIA driver update or some such: uh, help, please?

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