Dec'17/Apr'18 Public Beta: A couple of bugs


In Surface Tension, the blue sky seems to be reflecting off the underside of this prop:

For comparison, the same scene in the main public branch looks like this:

] map bm_c2a5a
] getpos
setpos 1068.577026 5185.717285 1676.275513;setang 0.225869 179.427490 0.000000

Next, just a minor cosmetic bug: I was admiring the new dynamic lighting on the emergency lights at the beginning of Unforeseen Consequences, when I noticed this:

Looks like there’s a slightly displaced “func_rotating” on the second (middle) emergency light causing it to rotate in a funny way. The other two lights in the corridor rotate correctly. I checked the main public build and all three lights rotate correctly there, so it probably got displaced when the new dynamic lights were placed.

] map bm_c1a1a
] getpos
setpos 1149.562256 978.020569 -447.968750;setang -33.906284 -1.128567 0.000000