Deus Ex: Mankind Divided revealed


So Square Enix was doing an ARG to reveal it and someone leaked it



Just hook it to my veins!


I’m hyped. Human Revolution was excellent, but I can’t get into the original, although I just modded it and will give it another go. Makes me want to reinstall HR and play through it for Foxiest/Ghost and a full lethal run. I’m sad that save data won’t transfer though, since apparently Malik is out of the picture according to canon and there’s a new pilot

I have a no-preorder rule after I preordered Titanfall (only preorder I’ve ever made outside of my Wii U and NSMBU) and watching failed releases last year. The only exceptions I set for myself are Valve games, Fallout 4, TESVI, and Deus Ex 4.


Here are some screeinies


A few concept pieces / screenshots in the NeoGAF thread about the leak

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Yeah, the game looks gorgeous. I’m afraid that my GTX 660 won’t hold up to this game. Hopefully I can at least run medium settings.


Wow, those are actually some really gorgeous screenshots. That combat rifle is just straight-up beautiful.


CG reveal trailer is out:


Huh. So I guess they actually went with the “destroy Panchaea” ending as the canon one.

Edit: The title, along with the fact that he seems to be fighting two opposing factions, makes me wonder if there’s going to be some sort of branching storyline or faction system.


The violence in that trailer was a bit over the top for a game you can complete in a non-lethal fashion (at least, I hope you can do that in Mankind Divided).

I really loved HR, I hope they don’t fuck it up with this one.


That actually specifically bugged me too. Heck, it was literally never even better to use the lethal sword attacks over the knockouts. I only did it because I was killing everyone anyway and it looks much cooler.


He did use some LTL moves in the trailer a few times. Looks like he has a fist-mounted taser with absurd range now, as well as a concussion rifle straight out of Minority Report inside his arm cannon.


I do like that stealth biotic charge thing he has, you could possibly take down an entire squad like that


I’m assuming none of you watched Human Revolution’s CGI trailer. It was just as combat-heavy. No need to worry. They’ve also confirmed that boss battles will have more options like in The Missing Link.


So they merged all the endings, where did I see this before? hmm…
Prolly gonna be a rather standard rehash as in more of the same.


Really? From the looks of things, Destroy might be canon.


I’m assuming they’re using Destroy as a base and mixing others into the story somehow. Of course, if Sarif, Taggart and Darrow are all dead, how did their stories come to light?


System requirements are finally out.


I need to build a new computer for it probably. My computer will probably fall in the mid range for it, but it hasn’t been working well for newer games lately that it should be able to run.


45 - 55GB… ehhh
Sure hope it doesn’t take until 2018+ for faster internet to become available here, games taking >24h to download is blah.