Deus Ex: Mankind Divided revealed


I have the Steam version preloaded and waiting to go.


Seems the download is only 19.9GB (for now), so it’d only take around 11 hours here.
(yay compression)

As with Doom I think I’ll wait until I upgrade my GPU before I play it.


Reviews are in. Just what you can expect from an ‘AAA’ (focus on quotation marks) title nowadays


so long as I can enjoy my play style, I should enjoy it.

Still waiting for it to activate as of this morning.


I’m enjoying it so far. I beat the first mission, watched the credits, and then my computer crashed during an in-game cut scene. I think it’s either my ram or graphics card.


That’s an extremely common issue, actually.

Suggested fixes are to turn down the graphics, run it in windowed mode, and/or disable subtitle. Doing all three fixed it for me.


Really? OK then. I just figured it was my PC due to DOOM crashing all the time as well.


I’m on a bit of an older system (meets minimum requirements though) so I’m waiting for DX12 support to see if that improves the performance a bit, plus some bugs need to be ironed out. Can’t wait to play it though!


Still crashing in other places for me. I’m really tempted to build a new PC.

Who is on top of the CPU game lately? I use Nvidia if that makes any difference.


If your pc is crashing here are some things to do before buying, building a new one.

Run 24 hours of prime95
Run 3 passes of Memtest86
Blow out all the dust and heatsinks.
Verify all fans are spinning freely.
Reseat all connections including electrical, memory, gpu and other slots.
Reseat the cpu and apply new thermal paste, redo the gpu paste if you have the tech know how.

Clean Reinstall Windows.
If it still crashes, continue trouble shooting or start a new build.

Top card is the new Nvidia 1080, they also have the 1070 and 1060
AMD has the RX480, looks to be a decent card.

For help in researching I like (links) and (reviews and links)


I bought it before the last Deus Ex, and was planning on upgrading this winter anyway.


I have heard of a possible Nvidia driver bug (believed to be related to power state changes - the GPU might not be supplied with enough voltage when it switches to 3D performance level / P0), which causes driver crashes when certain games are running.
The driver may recover / restart (without BSOD or reboot), but most games will crash at the same time as the driver.
Some have had success in preventing crashes by underclocking the GPU by 40 - 150MHz when running those games. “Debug Mode” under the “Help” menu in Nvidia Control Panel might achieve the same (if it’s enabled for your card).

Most affected cards seem to be GTX 770 and GTX 970.

I get driver crashes when playing these games unless I underclock my GTX 770 by ~40MHz:

Fallout 4 (very frequent)
World of Tanks (frequent)
War Thunder (occasional, game doesn’t usually crash - renderer restarts in low-quality mode)
Grim Dawn (rare, game doesn’t usually crash - screen goes black but can be restored by switching to and from windowed mode with alt-enter)


Finished it, and…

The ending is pretty anticlimactic. Are they planning to end the story in a DLC or something? The stinger left the plot wide fucking open.


And now I can’t play it because it is queued to update, but not actually updating…


I had the same issue. Setting steam’s download region to Vietnam fixed it for me.


Well, now it’s all fucked up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and now it won’t redownload…


Got it working. Needed a new graphics card.


So how are you guys enjoying it?
Thinking of getting it some time next week (G2A has it for $52 AUD which is great). Seen some footage, interested in it plus I need something to play on PC until Titanfall 2/Battlefield 1/Planet Coaster release in October and November.
Sort of enjoyed Human Revolution but it got a bit boring for me. What’s this one like in terms of gameplay?


Similar gameplay. It’s a little bit updated but feels very familiar to Human Revolution, which is a good thing for me. I loved that game. I’m loving Mankind Divided too.


I heard that there were microtransactions? What are your guys’ opinions on that? Does it ever take away from the game?