Disable NPC audio comment about realoading your weapon

Hello everybody !
Hope you all doing well in those apocalyptic times. :black_heart:

Is there a way to disable or tone down the NPC constantly reminding to reload ?

I hate my habit of abusive reload and I actively restrain myself of doing it after a few shots. So the constant reminder of the npc drives me mad. Especially when I have still 2/3 of a full mag. And how even can they know if I wasn’t around them when I took the shots… It just break the immersion for me.

Anyway, if this is not currently achievable in game could anyone so kindly make a mod for it ? It would be greatly appreciated.

I wish you a lovely week-end.

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Shoot the npc (if they are not required for the level, door opening or achievement completion.

Well, so much for the immersion then :smile:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :thinking: