Disabling .357 revolver ironsight zoom-in


because my Black Mesa Steam workshop is not working correctly and I can’t list weapon modifications because of some Steam bug, I am asking here if is possible to disable by any command the annoying revolver zoom-in while aiming with ironsights. I find it very unnatural and I would appreciate only simple ironsights for quick headshots without forcing my screen going in and out all the time, its like on a bad trip!
Because I know, there are many dumb responders on every game forums, I must mention again that I am talking about IRONSIGHTS, not the classic zooming without it. I know there is an option to choose between classic aim and ironsights, but thats not the point of my question/suggestion and this thread.
If it’s not possible, please consider this as a suggestion from me to make it at least be adjustable via console command.
I know the first thought of the zoom-in was good and meant to help the players maybe, but the true experience is just bad.
And what about you guys? Don’t you also mind that? I believe I can’t be the only one.
Thank you for your replies in advance.


The request isn’t unreasonable, but there’s no benefit to using the iron sights without a zoom. The zoom is kind of the whole point! The gun doesn’t actually get any more accurate, so if you’re using the iron sights you’re basically making it harder for yourself to aim, because the crosshair is likely more precise!


I might be wrong, but the revolver and SP crossbow doesn’t have any zoom, but changes only FOV to fixed value. I do prefer playing with lower FOV to feel the view in more “natural” scale, and I have noticed that zooming with these weapons does take barely any effect.

It would be nice if the zooming mechanic was based on set FOV value, not just hardcoded one. So for example if player have set FOV at 70, zooming will would subtract around 20 from set value.

Also nice addition would be if view-model weapons were also affected by FOV.

Sorry for little offtopic, but it quite scratched the topic that was in my head for some time, so I shared it.


Yes, I got it. You are right. It’s probably a matter of habit, firing from the hip is already precise and in this case the sights would be just blocking view. I was playing games with ADS precision mechanics recently, so I tended to aim like that, but its meant to be played more like Counter-Strike, while sticking to original Half-Life shooting mechanics, which is very important, to stay traditional in this remake. I’ll rather stick with classical zoom.

And by the way, didn’t you consider to revamp the revolver and SPAS models/textures anytime? I think those look quite worse than the other weapons and the game overall. If you will add some nice chrome textures, it might look very nice while highlighting the capabilities of the new engine :smiley: .
You could still stay with the animations, which are done nicely.
It’s not a priority of course, only an unneccesary suggestion, I know you guys have plenty of other work to do.
Thank You and All the best!