Okay so I just heard about this game and am really excited about it.

It’s basically a steampunk-ish stealth action game set in an open world and the AI is dynamic, which makes me think it’s similar AI to the Stalker games. You get melee weapons, guns, and you have special powers, such as stopping time, that you can get. They’re really going for player choice as well and one of the lead developers worked on Deus Ex.

I’m currently reading this interview with the developers and some of the stuff they’re talking about is really cool, especially the part where they talk about testers doing stuff they hadn’t thought of while testing the game.

Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

This is definitely my most anticipated game of 2012. Calling me a slobbering Looking Glass Studios fanboy would be an understatement (I even own an original copy of Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri) so seeing another development team try to tackle an immersive sim is fucking awesome.

Well now I’VE just heard about this game. And from what I’m reading here, this game sounds like it’s gonna kick major ass.

I heard about this from that first game informer issue about it. God damn am I excited. Hell, it may even quell some of the butthurt DX: HR stirred up in the hardcore community.

Plus the aesthetic is looking fucking badass.

I remember seeing this in Game Informer, too. I’d thought it was a HL3 announcement at first. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it looks beast, to say the least.

They got some Concept Artists who drew concepts for the Half Life series, that’s why some things look similiar.

One of the level designers is actually the person who designed City 17 in HL2.

Harvey Smith has ruined every game he has worked on after the first Deus Ex. I have no hopes for anything he works on.

He’s only made 2 games since then, and one of them was at least a complex, interesting failure (DE:IW). And he’s not even the sole creative director on this game, he’s CO-creative director with Raf Colantonio.

There’s always the chance that they’ll fuck this up, but the fact that someone is even trying to make this kind of game again is exciting.

Hmm, I remember hearing about this some time ago. It looked vaguely interesting then.
Now I’m definitely interested.

Any gameplay?

I don’t think so. They describe a closed room demo herethough.

Viktor Antonov ain’t just some guy.

He’s the badass mother fucker who set the bar of design so high in Half Life 2 that when the actual execution was only 50% as cool as his work, it was still good.

As a thief fanatic, this sounds cool. I love steampunk stuff when done right, especially (obviously) thief, and the open-ended “plan your route” type gameplay. Too bad there’s no gameplay videos yet.

Yeah, TimeShift was okay I guess.

All kidding aside, I’ll check this game out when it’s released, seems pretty cool.

Just a little bit of footage along with the devs talking about various mechanics in the game. The graphics aren’t really all that special, but I’m really loving the art style they’re using. It’s a shame there isn’t more gameplay in this video :frowning: .

I thought this was Syndicate. By that, I remembered seeing this on the cover of Game Informer, then recently seeing Syndicate and linking the two. I thought that didn’t seem right. I don’t know if I like the abnormal setting, but I could get past it. I just wish it was more cyber-punk, I can’t get enough of that.

Sounds very interesting. The last time I heard about those sorts of player-dynamic interactions the developer didn’t expect was Half-Life 2, where someone played around with a tire swing and accidentally killed themselves.

the whole “blinking” and other powers thing seems kinda lame to me and better without all the cheesy superpowers. but other than that, it sounds really badass and looks like it has a really interesting atmosphere.

If this doesn’t end up being shit it may end up actually being awesome. Quite a few of those shots reminded me of the architecture from City 17.