dm_pro_crossfire released on steam workshop


Hey guys.
Today I uploaded my crossfire remake on steam workshop.

You can find it here:

avoid paypal already uploaded it to united-gamers BMDM public gameserver.
constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome…

have fun playing it :slight_smile:


Hello guys.

I started working on this map again. I reworked lighting on the map and added an entity which changes the servers settings to HL1-style gameplay settings.
This affects player movement (acceleration, jump hight, movement speed - but still no circlejump and bhop), falldamage, spawnprotection, spawn delay, player spawn system, item respawntimes, ammolimits, grenade arch, Tau-Cannon damage, boost and penetration.

I also started working on a second version of the map which has no red button and features blueroom and slightly different item placement.
At the moment this second version of dm_pro_crossfire is similar to ag_crossfire from HLDM but it has a Gluongun inside the secret room which is next to blueroom (was a Tau-Cannon in ag_crossfire).

My question is: Do you think it would be a good idea to add gluongun to dm_pro_crossfire(1)?
Maybe this could be cool, because on crossfire you have a lot of areas which aren’t used much (for example LJ gluon room, hornetgun room, MP5 grenade house. You also have 2 RPGs inside RPG house and one more RPG in the center of the map. Maybe I could reduce some of the redundant weapons and make the map more “balanced”… But this could turn out really bad, because crossfire is designed to be somewhat unbalanced and controlable. What do you people think? If you make suggestions on where I could place Egons and LJs, please make your suggestions based on HLDMs crossfire map balance.


Honestly,I feel like the Egon is pretty useless with the limited ammo that comes with just a weapon pick up. I actually like having the shotgun spawn in its place. Although putting the Egon with a ton of ammo in the blue room might have merit. I also think the three RPGs are the only thing stopping the tau cannon from dominating the map. I think the default LJ position is good. It makes them pretty risky to go for where they are now. You might want to consider adding crossbows to the pillboxes in the red button bunker. Might for some interesting bunker defense in 2v2s. Keep up the good work and thanks for contributing to the community.


Yo people, I uploaded the updated version to the workshop and also added the TDM version dm_pro_crossfire2! Check them out and give some feedback if you like!