Do not save those scientists or door would be locked


System configuration:
OS: Windows 10 Home Edition 64 bit.
Processor: i5-3570, 4 cores, 3,4-3,8 GHz.
Video card: Radeon R9 280 3Gb.
RAM: 16 Gb. 2 sticks of 8.
SSD for OS and HDD for game included.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a Chapter 11 ‘Questionable ethics’.
  2. Go to:
    map : bm_c2a4f at: 489 x, 2213 y, -335 z
    setpos 489.720459 2213.476563 -335.968750;setang 9.988855 -93.795677 0.000000
  3. Save scientists in this room.
  4. Let them run whatever they like but do not follow them.
  5. Go to Abservation Area with alien fauna at:
    map : bm_c2a4f at: 2018 x, 1100 y, -335 z
    setpos 2018.674927 1100.271118 -335.968750;setang 9.262856 -81.681183 0.000000
  6. Try to get in alien fauna room for loot ammo and use suit charger in it.
  7. You can’t get in but a door indicator is still green.

Expected result: you can get in alien fauna room for loot.

Actual result: you can’t get in alien fauna room for loot while the door indicator is still green.

Priority: major.

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priority minor actually as when you go to save the scientists you are supose to follow them, not side path.

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Nope. On hard difficulty you have to use all possible resources to survive. Besides scientists lead you straight into military trap at the main hall. ‘Not side path’ is an option if you play with a God mode or wanna die like a hero.



Even on hard difficulty it doesn’t mater as there is literally an armory right before it with enough health and ammo to bring you to full. Don’t make a mountain out of a moll hill.



I agree with StrangerElite. Last time I played the game in hard difficulty, I decided to not use the energy machine in the room and save it for later. After I saved the scientists, I could no longer access the room and the energy machine. It really annoyed me, since I needed the energy and I knew I was about to be in a world of pain because of the next event (the ambush in the lobby).

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How, there is literally a suit charger right before the ambush in a security office that also has a health charger and a lot of ammo. You can easily top up there. And unless you played poorly or got unlucky with a grenade or two you should be at full suit from that.



When I played a hard mode last time I finished that ‘a suit charger right before the ambush in a security office’ on my way to the scientists. So on the way to ambush it was completely empty.

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How you have to go out of your way to do it, as the path it is down is a dead end that goes no where unless you have the scientists.






This is just going nowhere. Why are you trying so hard to convince us that we should adapt to an annoying bug?
Maybe you are an excellent player who don’t need energy machines, but some of us do. When I play on hard difficulty, this is not piece o’ cake and I need to make the most of every single item or machine I can find.