Does the pyro smoke weed?



Can you make at least one good thread?

Yes, he smokes pot and loves the chronic.
No, he believes illegal drugs are harmful and prefers setting people on fire…

end of discussion?

The real question here is: Do you smoke weed?

And the real answer should be yes

No, because the pyro isn’t a faggot

sure is when i’m playing

just stop it, faggots don’t do drugs cuz they’re too soft, and besides, pyro is a woman

threads like this make me lose faith in humanity

“Technology and Gaming”

Son… I am disappoint

See, it’s comments like this that make me realize just how young and moronic you are.

People who can’t be happy without cheating and getting baked don’t deserve to infest my world. Get some friends and find something that actually makes you happy, instead of being fucking waster who’s only means of enjoying life is to give himself a false sense of happiness.

There’s one thing I’m wondering… Why do people do drugs? Sure, you’ll have fun while you’re high, but your life will get fucked!

How would he.

Wow, you think weed is a hard drug? Way to be a bad-ass stoner, you sure showed us pussies.

You’re probably also one of those douche-bags that use the ganja callsigns in their gamertags for MW2.

Please, ask another question when your balls drop.

So the answer is no.

I don’t know 'bout weed, but for example Acid can make shit fucked. I know an ex-addict who had a friend trying acid for the first time. At first she was extremely happy and started hugging everyone, but then she ran away in the woods. Her friends went after her when they heard sirens, and there they see her curled up on the ground screaming while policemen are trying to take her into a police car. Apperantly she thought she was an orange and though that the cops were going to peel her. She never went back to normal. Now she’s in a mental institution.

This. Anyways the pyro would more likely spend his/her free time burning shit.

Oh wow.

That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in text form.
What fucking link is there between smoking weed and cheating?
I don’t need pot to feel happy. I’m happy already. Weed doesn’t make people happy. Weed provides a pleasurable sensation, that is greatly harmless. Maybe before you call someone a moron, you should consider that you have misconceptions about something.

I was going to write something herebut then I got high.

I smoke pot because it makes music sound better, and since you started talking about hard drugs, I’ve experienced hash, mush, e, and speed, and pot is by far the best, and the only drug for me.

Don’t do drugs, just weed.