Does the pyro smoke weed?


The website maker should make a system where upon registering you will have to say which year u were born. If the person is below 16, disable them from registering until they turn 16.:hmph:


Looks up from loading bowl


Continues loading bowl in a more fabulous fashion

Edit because I loled



@Sersoft, that would explain a lot of your tendencies…


Maybe, but I’ve never even been close to losing my mind, I would need more than just acid to think I’m an orange and the cops are gonna peel me. By the way all the drugs I’ve mentioned I’ve only done once, and I’ll never do again, even if someone offers me money to do it, except weed of course.


Whooot whoooot, here comes the jackass train!

While you light up and act like a fucking twat for 3 hours, I’ll just be doing something I can honestly say I’m proud of, such as dating, reading, talking to my friends in a sensible fashion, etc. I don’t need weed to enjoy myself or highten the pleasure in my life because my life is already pleasurable. I don’t need my mind muddled by that shit.


Iwas just joking.


I know how you feel, but you can’t fully enjoy life if you don’t try everything it has to offer.

Also weed increases your appetite and helps you sleep.


Wham bam, now you are able to eat more and…sleep. Can’t you already do that by being lazy?


You are an idiot. Why do I have to do things I’m proud of during leisure time? You know what I’m doing this weekend? I’m going to a friends house, drinking, smoking weed, and watching the UFC. Why should I drink to feel, good? Why should I smoke pot to feel good? Why should I watch programming I find entertaining? I don’t need a girlfriend who is such a wonderful person to be happy, but it’s nice to have, and her being so great is nice, and makes me feel good. When we have sex at night it doesn’t really qualify as something I’m proud of ashamed of. We enjoy it, so we do it. To get this straight, you think smoking pot is stupid because you don’t like it? Or you don’t enjoy it? Maybe you are right. I should stop doing things that feel good because not all of them are things I can write proudly about. Eating good tasting food, enjoying the sight of an attractive woman, playing video games…all of them are basically meaningless self enjoyment.

You are just a fucking idiot that thinks his ideals are right and people who do anything otherwise, despite your lack of any good reason to think it’s in any way superior, are less than you. If I do something that harmless to myself and feels good on occasion than I hardly see where you get off condescending me when you create similar stimulus more often than I get high.

Go fuck yourself, you self righteous prick of a child. Grow up, and quit being a fucking jackass. Especially when you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. What’s it to you anyhow?


Ever play prophunt? Clearly the pyro is high as fuck.






Winged, I didn’t know you were that good at trolling. :stuck_out_tongue:


The pyro doesn’t have a face because YOU ARE THE PYRO. Therefore if you smoke weed while playing TF2, then the pyro smokes weed. Confirmed by GABE NEWELL.


i try


Mattemuse, I think you are confused with Gordan[COLOR=‘Black’] yeah I went there xD but who will notice?


this thread is so awesome that i wanted to post pure shit.


Basically what I said on last page.





You have yet to learn how to make hidden text.
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