Does the pyro smoke weed?


Yeah I know, anybody care to share?


Select some shit, then press the little underlined A, choose any damn color you want, then replace it with 222222 (that’s 6 two’s incase you’re too high to count)[color=’#222222’]ur stupid


[color=’#222222’]It works!


lol I actually read that.


Thanks, [color=’#222222’]now I can do this xD


u lost the game


Actually, unless you’re high, you can read hidden text without highlighting it.


I can’t because I’ve got cleartype disabled. And if you don’t know what it is i’m just gonna accuse you of being high to stay on topic.




:3 I don’t have to participate anymore, huzzah!


How am i supposed to remember this :fffuuu::fffuuu:

Mr Shadow: which movie was it? I mean the one in your sig. My friend was mentioning it today


[color=’#222222’]THE GAME[/SIZE]


That is still legible…


you don’t have to remember that, just 222222 and where to put it



I didn’t even highlight to know that I lost.


Who cares, once you learn about the game you are always playing, and you always lose. The goal is to have everyone in the world playing.


Says the guy who has 607+ posts and probably more on other internet forums. I don’t know whether you’re just being an outright troll or whether you actively believe everything you say. I’d say that you’ve either never tried any of these drugs and have just seen friends ‘act like a fucking twat’ or you yourself have had a bad experience with drugs because you took them too far and now believe that drugs are wrong.

I don’t take drugs often. I don’t drink that often either. I see these things as a special occasion, something to have every now and again but not to make a habit of, but that’s me. I haven’t had weed now for a month and a half. I’m not trying to quit, it’s just that there hasn’t been any special situation which would benefit from smoking weed.
My life is perfectly pleasant, and I don’t need drugs in terms of being addicted to them. I choose to drink or occasionally smoke because it’s enjoyable, just like playing video games or watching a film is enjoyable. You can still be sociable when participating in these activities, but you can just as legitimately enjoy them by yourself - it’s all about escaping from reality for a short while and there’s nothing wrong with that. Playing a game or watching a film by yourself isn’t social - it’s not even something that you can be especially proud of doing. But we do it anyway because it allows us to escape from the pressures and tension of life for a few hours, and that’s healthy.

Speaking to Winged One - I’m assuming you drink? And in basic terms, in what way is alcohol different from weed? They both affect your mind, they both cause you to act differently and, when taken too far can make you feel unwell. As a habit they can have devastating consequences as well. Fair enough if weed causes you to feel paranoid or your mind to feel muddied - in that case then it’s not for you. Move on and let other people enjoy it in peace. Someone taking a spliff is pretty similar to someone having a couple of pints, so would you object to that? If you do then I feel pretty sorry for you.
And how does someone taking weed make them act like a twat for 3 hours? It depends how much you’ve had and the quality of the weed you have for a start. I’ve had perfectly coherent and deep conversations on weed instead of the ‘hey man, colours’ conversation you see in films. I’ve seen people act like far more of a twat on alcohol than on weed. At least with weed you tend to just sit and stare for a while instead of falling over if you’ve had too much.

You say that while someone else is high for three hours you can be doing something you can feel proud of. That sounds all well and good but I doubt that’s really the case. Ask yourself if what you’ve done in the last three hours is something you can be proud of. And while you’re there, ask yourself why the hell you spend so much goddamn time on forums instead of with real people.






I lol’d.