Does the pyro smoke weed?


I have respect for people that consume drugs and other substances like lard, poison, and bodily fluid.

People that feel the NEED to be PRODUCTIVE and HAVE A LIFE never amount to anything, at least not consciously


I know we’re past this, but

am I missing something? Since when is weed “greatly harmless”?

and probably several thousands of other educated sources say the same.


Everybody that smokes will say its harmless just to piss everyone off.


Thanks. I figured he was trollin’ but wasn’t sure.


No, he wasn’t trolling. Ramire was just commenting that it’s absurd that people could say weed doesn’t have detrimental effects.


I find it funny you are making fun of someone with a high post count when you just wrote a sermon protecting your view on drugs to someone on the internet.




This is getting off topic, so in the interest of me not starting more of these threads, inquiring minds want to know:

  • Does the Medic smoke the Opium that he administers to the wounded in those syringes?
  • Does the Demoman smoke crack out of that broken bottle he carries around?
  • Does the Spy smoke DMT to turn himself invisible?
  • Does the Soldier smoke PCP?
  • Does the Engineer brew Meth?
  • Does the Scout bump the Meth he bought from the Engi?
  • Does the Heavy smoke Hookahs?
  • Does the OP smoke Jenkem?


Not seeing any connection with making fun of a high post count and posting your views on a forum. Yeah, I put down my thoughts on weed - there’s a lot of them. I put him down - that’s about all there was to it.

The guy’s being a fucking dick, and so far all he has to reply to my argument was lol. I was hoping for a bit more intelligence than that.


IMO, the only stigma being alluded to, consciously or not, throughout this entire thread is the legality of pot.

Some people mentioned how pot is not harmless so those same people should have issues with tobacco and alcohol…i do understand however, choosing not to raise those issues because the question was about pot.

Which brings me to my next point…what a stupid fucking question to begin with. I can’t wait until this mod is released so I can play the game instead of reading these threads lol.

I dont play TF2 (i did play and love TFC however), so if I had to ask such a pointless, idiotic question (other to incite flammage…no pun intended) why choose the pyro, cuz he sets shit on fire? Why not the demo from TFC? At least he is smoking, leaving something open to debate…

I hate children lol


Spy from TF2 smokes cigs. Of course they are laced with JWH-018.


so i get what you guys are saying and if im reading the general consensus right

The scout 100% for sure does speed.

thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:


Except there isn’t one proven documented case for any of the detrimental effects described. All these studies say ‘shows signs’ , ‘possible connection to’, but with it being the highest volume of use amongst recreational drugs, you’d think there would be at least some conclusive examples, wouldn’t you?
Also, I’d hardly say that casual, and non habitual use leads to much of anything. Habitual use ( as in every day ) of many casually ingested substances is a good thing. Eating a fuckin’ big mac every day is worse for you for fuck sakes.
Everyone who is against marijuana will say it’s harmful, just to be condescending assholes. I’d say this thread has a few excellent examples.


I will admit though that it is interesting to see that one of the few fundamentals that bring us all together regardless of which side of a debate we are on is gaming. socially i didn’t think everyone on this site was that different. obviously i was wrong. i forgot that everyone on this site was human for a moment. thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:


Who IS this little dick?


Okay I just realized you can’t be argued with.

If you seriously wanna argue that weed is not harmful to you, fine, smoke it all you want. I won’t come visit you in the hospital when you get diagnosed with lung cancer.


You are a fucking moron. I never said TOTALLY harmless. I said greatly harmless.
I believe I also pointed out that habitual use of most anything on a daily basis IS harmful. However, if marijuana was such a threat as to warrant serious mention, you’d figure there would be SOME documented proven case. It’s like saying that people who eat cheeseburgers are a bunch of fat useless slobs because if you eat cheeseburgers everyday you become a fat slob.


Maybe it’s the weed, but you don’t seem to understand what’s going on here.



I find it funnier he based an entire paragraph on how I drink and that it’s just like weed.

I don’t drink much at all. I’ve been drunk once in my life.