Does the pyro smoke weed?


i personally have never understood why drinking is so much more culturally acceptable than marijuanna (as a socializing practice), yet alcohol is much worse for your body, and leads to arguably more destructive behavior. I’ve seen people get pretty violent and reckless when they’re drunk, and never have I observed any of that sort of destructive “PARTY HARD” behavior with people who are high on marijuanna, who usually are content with things as simple as taking a walk, talking/debating, or just spacing.


:fffuuu:Nooooo you never responded to his argument you just said “I lol’d”, so maybe it IS the weed but hes right, you really didnt have anything to say, which I might add has really been your theme on this thread so far.

Why the negativity though? Cant you express your opinion without looking like a jackass? Seriously.


How about because of the small fact that it is illegal, something no one else besides me has mentioned. The legality of pot (and all other illegal drugs) is the cause for stigma and debate…why is this so hard to understand?

The ‘harmfulness’ (side effects is a better term) of pot and every other drug is correlated to factors called time and potency. To put it more clearly, ever hear of the term “everything in moderation.”

All you people who claim, “pot is harmful, it should be illegal,” should also be saying, “alcohol and tobacco are harmful, they should be illegal.” After all, too much alcohol and tobacco can obviously KILL you. If you think ALL drugs should be illegal, more power to you and good luck. That is an honorable position.

However, I hate the people who bitch about , but go off drinking and smoking tobacco because its, "not as harmful as "

So what about fatty food…“fatty foods lead to heart disease and death, they should be illegal.” I’m sure most of you agree banning fast food is too much…I hope by now you get the fucking point.

/sweeping generalization
Basically, all you people who complain about illegal drugs while consuming alcohol and tobacco are hypocrites who follow the government blindly and do not possess critical thinking skills.

…Can we end this discussion?


Am I a hypocrite if I’m rolling a blunt of chemo while reading this thread?


Only if you do it naked.

Don’t ask me why, that’s just how it is.


so… anyone up for placing non-committal bets on how many pages it will take before a mod/admin closes this dumbass thread?
I’ll put ten on closed by page seven


I was being really general and literal on purpose. Everyone has a limit and probably falls somewhere within the “scale” of that statement, but I dont feel like getting philosophical and analytical; that’s not why I come on this forum.

I’m just bored and want BM lol.

I also wonder why they set they release date as the end of 2009…what suddenly changed that made them not finish on time? I mean…its been 3 months and counting lol, are secrets devs quietly dying?

Im JK, I do not know the development team so I have no preconceived notions…perhaps this was already discussed?

P.S. i am baked as well, so please excuse me if I am not CLEAR


People put whatever they want into their bodies and take responsibility for it, and I won’t stop them. Do I have to like it? No, on the contrary, I hate it. But I wouldn’t want to tell someone what they can and can’t do with their own bodies.


ask the dumbass OP lol…hes the fool who started this

…6, maybe 7


This thread will get to page about 7



The only time I ever smoked was with friends.

Your logic is flawed.


says the man who used to grow a plant in his backyard


The simple answer is that the weed made you think you were with your friends.


EDIT: I grow a sunflower in my backyard, am I bad?


weed != shrooms


I didn’t my roommate did, but all the plants turned out to be male.


Don’t grow dickweeds then :retard:


^ this


I am tempted to change the title to “weed” and move it to the debate area. Please folks, continue the debate. FAcinating stuff really.


Another troll I’m guessing? Or are you actually stupid enough to believe this? Notice how the short term “symptoms” are what we call “being high” and the long term symptoms all seem to revolve around lung cancer? Marijuana smoke is far less harmful than tobacco smoke (actually, the smoke from the paper is worse for you than the smoke from the weed itself). It doesn’t contain the radioactive compounds that make tobacco smoke so dangerously cancer causing. If you’re that worried about it, just use a vaporizer or bong to get the THC with none of the smoke.

So, I figure you’re either nine years old, a troll, or retarded.


Yeah I really walked into your troll trap, that doesn’t exempt you from being a dick though.

Okay, so we can safely assume that you have no counter-argument and have resorted to acting like an angry retard to avoid admitting defeat. I realise you don’t want to admit defeat, but the least you could do is explain why you’re acting like a dick. It’s fine really, I’ve already taken your aversion of the issue as admittance of defeat so you can’t go down furthur dude.

That explains a lot.