Does the pyro smoke weed?


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Yeah, me too.

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Damn winged one… I’ve met a lot of self-righteous morons when bringing up drugs, but you by far sound like the worst… I hope you’re either very young, or old enough to have that 80’s conservative sentiment still embedded in your head. Cause everyone know that winners don’t do drugs!

Look at me! I am better than everyone else because I deny myself something illegal! If you honestly want to claim that everything you do for enjoyment is healthy, then stop playing videogames, get off this forum, don’t drink soda or eat pastries…etc. You don’t need that shit to have a great life!


We don’t all live in the US. Pot isn’t illegal everywhere, and in many other places it may not be legal, but it is decriminalized.


You’re protecting your views, to someone on the internet. You can obviously figure out what message you’re giving to people.


Its not going to get closed. The mods don’t care enough.


Where I live… cops don’t care about weed. You walk down the street on a friday night you can usually smell it wafting from a couple of houses in the neighbourhood.
Now Ice/shrooms.etc… different story… but with good reason.
Pot, less dangerous than alcohol except for a minuscule minority who may develop skitzophrenia.

From my experience, pot heads are far less dangerous than drunks. I drink often, I know my limits. I haven’t done pot, not out of any morality or legality, i’m just not interested. I don’t really care if anyone DOES do it. I like the smell.

The only dangerous thing about pot is the danger of ANYTHING you do in your off-time… that you’ll get hooked to the point of it cutting into your life and wasting time when you SHOULD be doing something productive. The likes of WoW are just as ‘dangerous’.

Use -vs- abuse people. All good things in moderation. :3


But I’m not a hypocrite. Trying to make me feel like I am isn’t going to make me one. Tell me where I’m wrong.


Winged One was purposefully trolling, nothing more.


Except that he is full of shit when he says that.
He has said previously and tried to actually defend the point seriously.
So despite his claims, it’s common knowledge that he actually believes that BS.


Not calling you a hypocrite, just pointing out that defending your views on drugs to people you don’t know sends off the message that you are insecurew about that subject.


:frowning: perhaps… knowing the general consensus… he just might be a RECURRING troll?


Not really. He wasn’t so much defending his personal views as he was adding his voice to those who were hating on Winged One for being such a cock. I like Floyd, and I think he is easily the calmest, most sensible one here. He’s the only one who brought reason into this sanctimonious dick-waving contest.


Like here :slight_smile:


No, Pyro is straight on that. If anything, he smokes cubans


Much appreciated bro


I didn’t know weed was decriminalized in my intestines…


Just to throw my opinion on drugs out there:

I don’t smoke weed, but I don’t think badly of people who do. What you do in your own spare time is your business, imo.

Now, on the subject of hard drugs like coke, crack, etc., you want to fuck up your life and kill yourself, that’s your decision, but you’re still a fucking moron for it.


Okay maybe I should reiterate my point.

Now that I’ve thought about it, I don’t think that weed is dangerous mainly for health reasons like lung cancer. Although obviously it does effect your health negatively, it could me relatively minute that it would take many years of very heavy smoking to affect your health. I just don’t know for sure, so I won’t argue that point.

But what I do know for a fact is that its easy to get addicted to weed. Sure, some people can control their urges and only smoke sometimes, but you’d have to be an idiot to say that there’s very little risk of addiction.
And addiction does horrible things to a person, especially when you can’t satisfy your cravings.