Does the pyro smoke weed?


No, it’s not easy to get addicted to weed. I know many people who smoke it regularly (including myself), and none of them are addicted. I know many people who quit weed for financial reasons mostly and didn’t have any problem with it, including my father.

Also, research agrees with me, but I can’t be arsed to look for any. Mattemuse probably has that covered.


recent studies show that THC actually DECREASES the risk of cancer.

yeah, in the same way that chocolate, big macs, or anything else is addictive. By that I mean that weed can be mentally addictive, but it’s not physically addictive. It doesn’t change your body so that you physically can’t live without it, like crack or heroin.

psychology fail


Weed is less addictive than coca cola.

After 2 weeks of not smoking I feel fine, after 2 days of no cola I wanna kill someone.


my point exactly. Caffeine IS physically addictive.


That’s what they all say.


I would hardly call weed all that addictive. It doesn’t incite a craving. When I’m about to smoke I look forward to the resulting high. But I’ve gotten bad weed before and the lack of high doesn’t crash me low like a reaction to a lost addictive. I simply get pissed at the fellow who sold me the weed…lost money. Now I only smoke about twice a month, so I suppose an addiction could be developed with more constant use…but that seems more like dependency than addiction.

I never really looked up addictive statistics or info, so I can only base it on personal experience. I don’t personally know anyone who would qualify as addicted…but I would wager a guess if you have an addictive personality it’s possible…but you would have to have some pretty damned weak will.


Denial is the first sign of addiction.


If my school health class doesn’t exaggerate enough to claim that weed is addictive, it’s not.


I smoked literally every day for 2 years, having easily a gram a day because I enjoyed it.

Then I just stopped one day and haven’t smoked a thing in 9 months.


hey what do y’all drug warriors think about redacted


Marijuana has been shown to improve the health and aid in pain relief with glaucoma and some cancers. I like the health benefits, and there’s research to support it.

I’d gladly prescribe marijuana to patients to help with these ailments (in capsule form), as I believe when used correctly, it can do loads of good in relieving pain and discomfort.

As for it preventing cancer, I tried my three usually non-biased sources of info, and couldn’t find anything with a quick search. I did however find a ton of info on the negative effects of the drug.

(These are both government sites, I avoid .com’s and .org’s due to the lack of university-backed and scientifically researched documentation.)

I don’t smoke it, or take it in in any other way, but I am a proponent for further research in using it for treatment.

I do however, fucking hate potheads. In my entire experience, potheads have been some of the most annoying, smelly, dimwitted fools I’ve had to put up with. Especially the tools that make their pot-smoking a huge part of their personality because apparently it’s the only interesting thing about themselves they can godamn recall. As if they can’t find something else to support and engage about socially, like civil rights or charity to fight disease or illiteracy. (lol illiteracy)


I personally could see him/her toking it up, but then again, I could see them never touching the stuff. With the character being an unseen, muffled voice within an optical gas mask, I guess it’s anyone’s assumption.


it’s great to see some professional information in this sea of trolling and bullshit.


I don’t post often, but I never present pure opinion, I like to support my arguments, no matter how petty.


weed helps me poop


I mean, obviously there’s positives and negatives, but there’s one source I found.


Is that why you’re so derp?


Good information, and far less biased than a .gov site which is naturally going to cherry-pick information which supports said government’s policy on banned substances.


I like this. Marijuana has great potential! Especially when applied scientifically and not…




I think people who smoke are inherently stupid, as referenced in this thread.


In all seriousness, from the pyro’s non-mellow actions, I’d say the bastard is probably trippin off acid.