Does the pyro smoke weed?


firecrackers are fun, but they taste like deep-fried shit




crackers (any) + fatty organic peanut butter + weed + oven = Win


didn’t know people called it that.


Maybe it’s true, because a joint with only weed in it would be pretty damn strong here, especially with the long rolling papers usually used for joints.


They’re called king-size. I think I smoked 4 different kinds of weed today, damn it’s fun hanging out with lots of people.


Fuck’s sake, need to buy some weed :awesome:


to the coffeeshop!


too far away, I’ll just call a dealer :’)


Really? Mine is just 'round the corner. Such as beautyful country, sniff.


damn you :frowning:

I called someone but all I got was voicemail. goddamn

edit: nvm, because, yay, stoned, n stuff