Don't know where to post this, but it's a difficulty option suggestion for the devs

I previously left a big post about my first playthrough on Hard (list of bugs I encountered). I want to play through the game again but something I felt during my first playthrough was that for a huge HL / FPS nerd like myself, the Hard difficulty wasn’t too hard. I don’t mean to come across as a braggart, I definitely had my fair share of deaths, but I found that there was always a lot of health items and ammunition to be found everywhere and I rarely felt like I was going to run out of ammo or not find health just around the corner.

I know this stuff takes work but it’d be nice for psychos like me if there was an extra hard difficulty added that increased the damage taken from bullets and other enemy attacks but kept the enemy health the same- there are far too many higher difficulties in games where enemies become bullet sponges. I used to play with the enemy health and weapon damage scripts in Half-Life 2 a lot when I was younger to sort of change enemy and player health and weapon damage to reflect something like Rainbow Six, which of course is an extreme example but if the script file for all of this stuff is similar in Black Mesa I’d be happy to try to create a harder difficulty setting with it and submit it for approval after testing it for fairness.

idk. It’d be cool! There’s certainly enough pickups placed around the game to keep a higher damage difficulty fair.