DooM (4)


that end sound


When is QuakeCon? Hopefully we get gameplay. And hopefully it doesn’t suck.


Nice CGI. Too bad megatextures will make it look like shit.


So a reboot then.


old door sound comfirmed

they better stop it with the megatextures with games that arent openworld


Id5 sucks hard, they better be working on Id6 by now.


The engine is good. It’s the megatextures that fuck it all up.


But it isn’t industry-shaking either. Unless I’m oblivious to its features and qualities, but in comparison to next-gen engines, it pales greatly imo.


Megatextures save on vram for greater texture diversity. The only reason they’re always so low res is because they take up a lot of space for good quality textures.


It’s a bad trade off imo. Besides, there are so many ways to mask texture repetition these days that it would be better off waiting for the baseline gaming system to improve in ram and storage space enough to try the tech again.

Not to mention internet speed to download massive games on a regular basis.


Old news, software progresses faster than the hardware.


QuakeCon 2014 is July 17-20 in Dallas, Texas.

The mechanical creature has “UAC” labels on it.


It’s a Cyberdemon clearly :stuck_out_tongue:
IIRC, in the original Doom the idea was that the creatures retrofitted the technology from the UAC to suit their needs.


The trailer door is even the same type of door


Just judging from the trailer, it looks like the cyber demon comes back and that PROBABLY means that Doom Guy is coming back to Mars again. Or hell is gonna hit earth, which is possible considering how he basically retrofitted himself with old UAC shit so he could live again.


who knows, it could actually not be on mars and be on Phobos/Deimos this time

maybe even have later chapters go back to earth???


From what I heard it was a reboot, but so was #3 and they had to fix 3 to make it playable


Updated engine
Going back to fast paced action of Doom 1 and 2
Loads of enemies
Loads of guns (no weapon limit too)
Enemy finishing moves a la Brutal Doom
Verticality in levels
Double jumping
No recharging health

Also heard from others that guns don’t have to be reloaded. Only thing that doesn’t sound cool about this is that the levels seem to be pretty linear still, but that’s just from RPS’s article.



H-hope for this game?




Sounds like they’ve been using elements from the very first design document for Doom.

Awwwwwww Yeaaaaaahhhh

I really hope this is as good as the original two games were.
They’re still a blast to play once you get them up and running with a control scheme that isn’t ArrowKeys+Ctrl+Space.