DooM (4)


i guess we are all eagerly waiting for somebody to leak the gameplay footage




I’m not going to hold my breath. Duke Nukem Forever tried pandering to the source material of its franchise without actually understanding it, leading to a concoction of overdone and overblown shit. If it does manage to not be DNF2, then I will be happy, but for now I believe holding the hopes low is the best idea.


Sounds like it could be good - if nothing else I think at least the core shooting mechanics will be good.

Megatextures aside, I hope they’ve improved on the limitations that existed in current idTech 5 games (60fps cap, general lack of dynamic lighting and shadows, broken MSAA)


I don’t get the Doom 3 hate, really.


Doom 3-style games from id would benefit from being either a new IP or a spin-off series, there is potential in that style of gameplay.


Other than having some puzzles, being a little slower and more tactical, how is D3 gameplay any different from the first two? I found Doom 3 to be an evolution to the formula, the first two games play just like reskinned Quake anyway.


Yeah, Doom I was such a Quake clone. :meh:


You must mean Quake plays as a reskinned Doom, because Doom released in 1993, Doom 2 released in 1994 and the first Quake released in 1996. lrn2releasedaets


Classic Dotard. Also Doom 3 played more like Half-Life meets AvP2000 (Marine campaign) than Doom 1/2.



Doom 3 is a pretty good game. It definitely had some issues. If Half-Life 2 hadn’t come out 3 months later and absolutely destroyed it in every way, its reputation probably wouldn’t be quite as bad as it is now.

I’m still not very excited for Doom 4 though. id isn’t even the same company they were 10 years ago (let alone 20 years ago).


Crytek’s Lead Graphics Engineer Leaves Company to Work on Doom:


I’d flee that sinking ship too.


That almost seems like jumping off a sinking ship and into a life boat with a great white circling though. They’re doing better, but not they’re not doing amazingly better.


Pete Hines has said that id wants to reaffirm themselves again and produce a game as good as The New Order.

Hopefully this means they’ll put design above technology from now on and not pull something like Rage that was incredibly limited by its own technology and fell short of its initial promises.


I liked Doom 3, except for the p90, shotgun, pistol, bouncy ball grenades that land an inch in front of you and the disintegration just reminds me of Blade

Can’t wait for this Doom, I feel ashamed but I actually don’t mind the Doom movie.


TNO was a good game, but it was short and had some serious texturing issues.

Rage was pitiful. It was such a good idea and then they screwed it up.


I never understood why people liked the concept of Rage. It sounded like crap from the beginning to me. I got my moneys worth out of it, but only because I got it really cheap through Steam.


You mean the texture pop-in? It’s easily fixable.

Also, I found it to have a reasonable length.