DooM (4)


Rage was just Borderlands without the gun generator. Boring as fuck, idTech 5 resulted in the game’s filesize ballooning to ridiculous levels, and nothing more really need be said about texture pop-in. All in all, I’m glad I got to try the game for free. The only enjoyment I got out of it was making my character ragdoll by boosting my car into something and making him fly out the front.


@Acade I was stuck using it on a 360 too, so my judgement is based off an older system haha and it just felt like the game flew by to me. I enjoyed it, I’d give it an 8/10, but it wasn’t as great as I was imagining I guess.

As for Rage, TGP, I was let down by the fact that I thought (by what I had heard of it) that the game was like Fallout with better shooting mechanics and updated animation.


Try playing Borderlands without friends I find Rage to be a more enjoyable experience single player than Borderlands. The AI level design and driving where all better in rage.


as well as the core shooting mechanics and on-foot movement.

As for the texture pop-in, for me it’s fairly minimal (better than most UE3 games…) in Wolfenstein: The New Order and was fairly easy to (mostly) fix in RAGE (thanks to people posting config tweaks shortly after the game was released).

Edit: Short, but it looks pretty cool.


What an awesome game it seems that it would be! (this video is) Such a treat for eyes!


It’s here everyone:


It’s DOOM, exactly what it says on the tin and can’t wait to get my hands on it.
It also looks a darn sight better than Rage, which looked bloody awful up close. Doom uses idTech 6 I believe.


“IdTech 666” as the dev team calls it :smiley:



The new Doom looks amazing. It’s the old Doom with amazing visuals and what appears to be smooth, gory gameplay. Only got one complaint really, which is about the plasma gun in the trailers.
It looks so weak and boring. A shame, since it could be used in so many awesome ways. But everything else is perfect.

Can’t wait!


Looks nasty, might give it a try.


I really really really really want this game!

Already have DooM BFG on Steam…

Played DooM for the first time on the Sega Megadrive 32-bit system


I just hope it will have maze like maps with key cards, secrets and teleporters… And I hope melee won’t be OP. I’m really looking forward to playing nightmare mode on DOOM 2016.


Honestly, that looked super disappointing. Visually great, but assuming all those “kill moves” are actually in the game, I’d honestly have to pass. And I love DOOM.


Oh by the way Conan O’Brien plays Doom:


Overall, it looks pretty darn good so far.

My only disappointment is that Hell could definitely be more reddish than yellow (stick with the original design found in the first games), as well as darker. The horror elements could be greatly improved honestly, imo.

Right now, from what I’ve seen, it looks more like a swamp with futuristic technology in another dimension than what it’s supposed to be.

Could be mostly due to my preferences, but it doesn’t look as creepy as it should.


doom Is the only game coming out this year that I’m excited about, I don’t even know of any other games that may even be close to what I’m interested in so far, unless there is a new cod, I enjoy that franchise as well, but doom? I was in highschool when that hit, changed my life,
I thought wolf 3d was the greatest game ever, I was wrong, prior to that I was playing the zork games, but the multi player 20 hour a day frag fest, one of the best parts of my youth…I coukd go on an and on about doom. We are Soooooooo close,…


I hope they rebuild DooM in the new engine!


Not official or on the new Doom engine, but hey.