DooM (4)


Is this from a mod or something? If yes, what it is more exactly?



Sadly there wont be official modding support other than SNapMap, which is pretty limiting.


Kinda looks like a beat up old dance floor, really.

Also I am super hyped for this game, like as hyped as I was for Fallout 4. I can’t wait.


Disco Inferno?


“Burn, demon, burn, Disco inferno!”


Matches perfectly, no?


Alternative covers my ass, either of those should be the actual cover.

Fucking morons.


I want A on the outside and B inside, honestly.
or vice versa, either would be fine with me.


Both of them looks amazing, I particularly love the first one.

The second one would be the best since it’s in the vein of the original Doom. Almost the same thing actually, although more modern and detailed.


It seems the second won. It still sucks that the generic space marine cover will be the main cover on display tho.


The second one is so epic <3




And it WON!


I still kinda wish they had both, I mean, the cover is cool and all, but the Head and Diagram one reminded me of the Doom Collection I owned long ago. Wonder if I still have it.


On the open beta:

I think it’s pretty great. Combat is very gratifying, but I feel like maybe the super shotgun is too much of a go to weapon, it kinda makes the other guns seem stale and not nearly as useful in comparison. Kinda wish the double jump feature had a little more distance to it as well, it feels so short and limited, but at the same time it doesn’t need to be like Blops3 either. I hope in the full game there’s a little more diversity to the “glory kill” takedowns cause the same 3 over and over are kinda boring eventually (maybe there’s more and I haven’t yet done em, I’ve only seen 3 anyways. Neck snap, knee, and like a throw to the ground thing?)

The customization is cool, even tho a lot of people are complaining about it cause it’s too CoD like. I like load outs and customization, it makes your character have a personality, to me anyways.

The announcer kinda sucks tho, he doesn’t sound…doom-y enough I think.

I’m excited more for the single player campaign, I hope it’s lengthy and exciting and both action packed and kinda horror as well.


I’m hoping it will rebound a bit, the voice, not so great, not enough thump and punch to the sound effects… looking forward to an oldschool mode, weapons underpowered… and don’t expect sli support, the net code is ok, although the graphics are a little fuzzy when you go up to 2k, the potential is there, could use a little more speed on your feet… still going to buy, just for the campaign, if they tweak the mp a bit, it could be fun.


Awesome live-action trailer incoming!


I think we have a reasonable explanation of why the DOOM multiplayer sucks so much.
It´s not even made by ID.
It´s made by some noname dev called Certain Affinity, they made a few shit games and worked on some maps in the Halo franchise.

There is still hope for DOOM singleplayer.


MP may have its problems, but I still don’t find it as bad as some do.