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same here, I think they will tighten up alot of it.



Certain Affinity is hardly noname if you’ve not had your head in sand for the past ten years.



To be fair, they’re mostly a support company and the couple of games they actually made themselves aren’t exactly powerhouse franchises.

I only heard of them from their work on the Master Chief Collection.



Well maybe they aren´t noname to people who play Halo or Call of Duty, but I don´t like either of the two franchises, soo yeah.

Interesting fact that almost no-one knows: They actually ported L4D1 to the XBox 360.



I’m just pretty pissed that the only non-supported desktop card for the beta is the 750ti.

And I just happen to have it, so it runs like shit.



christ. There it is. There’s that head-up-ass mindset that leads directly to this stupid rage. The world doesn’t fucking revolve around you.

I mean, honestly, I can see why there’s massive backlash against this game, and at the same time, I believe that the motivation and mindset behind that backlash is mostly a matter of people who are just as clueless as to how to make a modern Doom as the people at Certain Affinity are.

How do you modernize doom? How do you play Doom now? Is it through sourceports that let you look up and down and jump and crouch? That’s already sacrilege to people. To some people, Doom was a frightening suspenseful horror focused game, because the tone communicated through the limited tech of the time was nebulous enough to allow for that interpretation. At the other end of the spectrum, for the same reason, people see it as a rip-roaring mindless action gorefest. No matter what you do with the franchise, it’s going to go against someone’s Doom.

There’s literally no possible way this can be done right. The franchise is so old and so beloved, yet so vague and definitionless in its execution, that no power on this earth can possibly make something that lives up to anyone’s expectations, because people’s expectations vary absurdly drastically.

Remember that Doom is the franchise that kicked off this whole fucking genre. There were shooters before it, but Doom solidified the design language. The language which can and has gone in every conceivable direction since 1993. Every shooter that’s ever been released since 1993 is a viable direction Doom could have ended up going.

The way I see it, and I can only speak for myself, is that Doom’s role in gaming now is to define the genre it created. It’d better be generic, otherwise it wouldn’t be a proper summary statement of all the genre’s advancements. Doom went from being the springboard from which the FPS genre was launched, to being the thesis statement of the accomplishments of the genre. At least, that’s what it morphed into when Doom 3 hit the scene, seeing as Doom II was just Doom I with the typical 90s sequel fare of more bad guys and new (WAY FUCKING WORSE) levels. Doom 3 wasn’t just the third Doom, it was a collection of all the new novel design conventions that had been invented from the mid 90s to the mid 00s. I see Doom 2016 as a collection of all the new novel design conventions that have been invented from the mid 00s to the mid 10s. You seem to have some sort of prejudice against the past decade of shooters, so of course you’re going to be pissy. It’s the decade everything got all consolized and casual and two weapon limits and loadouts and grey and bloom, right?

Me, on the other hand, I see 2005 to be the true golden age of shooters. Half-Life 2, Halo 2, F.E.A.R, Battlefield 2, Republic Commando, Condemned, Oddworld: Strangers Wrath, Painkiller, Metroid Prime, Far Cry, Riddick: Escape from Butcher bay, all of these came out between 2004 and 2005. This is when FPS became more of a blanket statement for a game with a certain camera angle, not necessarily an action oriented ego feeder. It’s when some of the biggest software and hardware advancements hit the scene and changed the language of videogames. It’s when the public eye started seeing the collection of mediums that make up videogames as artforms and not just toys. Even COD was a part of this push, with the second numbered release dropping the mic on immersive WWII shooters for a good long time. Sure, it went tits up around the second year of the xbox 360’s lifetime and PC gaming took a huge hit due to developers pushing focus away towards consoles, but what we ended up with in the end is better, faster production tools that picked up the slack and made the last 4ish years of videogames be pretty fucking consistently incredible.

I’m gonna play through Doom 2016 and I’m not gonna see anything new, but I’m gonna see a lot to be proud of. I’m gonna see the fruits of the breakthroughs of the last decade of games evolution. That’s my take on it.



But Greg. What if the game sucks, bro?



then it sucks.

But what if it’s really fucking divisive just like the beta and some people love it and some people hate it?

Important question is, who gets the say? Who fucking cares?



I’m excited for it, I think campaign will be fun, I would play wolf 3d constantly, then a buddy said, “you have got to see doom…”
I about crapped my pants, playing it in the dark with headphones on was creepy… mp will just be gravy… as long as I can hold a gun and have a light on at the same time. I’m in



Legit quote 10/10



To be perfectly fair, I hadn’t really heard of Certain Affinity before either, though looking at their resume they’re certainly not no-name devs.
I have also met people who have Steam accounts but don’t know who Valve are, so there’s that too.

On topic, I don’t know that people (full disclosure, I am one of them) who don’t like what CA are doing with Doom MP are going to enjoy the singleplayer campaign either. The people at ID now aren’t the same people that were at ID twenty years ago. I haven’t compared a full list, but certainly the people most commonly known for making Doom aren’t present. And while maybe they were dumbing it down for a general audience, their description of what Doom is from the E3 presentation last year is really surface level and doesn’t go into what actually make the mechanics fun. Said mechanics analyzed here;



You know, I always wondered why I liked DooM. Now I understand it’s because of what he said in that video, it just makes sense. As long as the single player has that rip-roaring action fest and that methodical placement of powerful situations, I think it’ll work.



In case if some of you missed the twitch streaming of Doom’s SnapMap. Here’s a replay:



Even though I was for actual modding tools, SnapMap looks like it makes up for the horrible MP.
It looks awesome!





Ohh fucking siiiccckkkkk.



The new trailer is up. Also, this may contain spoilers, so watch it at your own risk:



that last trailer there has me even more excited…



Oh btw, Bethesda posted the system requirements for the game:

More info::

Also, the preloading starts at 12AM ET on 11th of May.



Here is old leaked trailer